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3. BeltSword – APEX RazorSword – Ultra High Performance

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Click on Drop Down Boxes for Size & Price – RazorSword length must be 4-6 inches less than waist size.  To select length in 34″-37″ or 36″-40″ – Type length in “Order Notes” at “Checkout” or e-mail length to CEO@RazorRazor.com

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APEX Razor Sword – Belt Sword System

    • Overview – Middle Weight Class Easy to Use with Practice – Some Training is Recommended – The 1.65″ wide BeltSword System, is a containment system for the 1.5″ wide by 30″ to 40″ long APEX RazorSword tactical weapon.  The APEX RazorSword encircles your waist in comfort; it is concealed inside a black leather belt as it goes through your belt loops.  The APEX RazorSword is totally hidden and concealed, and “safely secured/retained” inside our patented belt containment system…known as a Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System. A simple twist the belt will release the handle…followed by an instant “draw and strike” of the APEX RazorSword into the target…”draw and strike” in one sub-second fluid motion.  From the outside, the “Belt and Containment System” appears to be a normal casual black leather belt.
    • Verbose – Yes, we could use a lot less words describing our products; however, as design engineers we have a penchant for detail, and perfection.
    • IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ – Important for a Correct Fit The total overall length of the APEX RazorSword needs to be a minimum of 4″-5″ less than your waist size.  You must measure through your belt loops with a cloth tape measure or string; while wearing a heavy denim like shirt.  Belt and pants sizes do not give an accurate measurement for the Flexible Linked Containment Rail System that is attached to our custom leather or tactical belt.
    • APEX Predator Series: The APEX Series has three weight classes to choose from (Middle Weight), (Light Heavy Weight), and (Heavy Weight); however, we recommend the Middle Weight Class, or the Optional Standard Light Weight Class.  We recommend the Middle Weight or Light Weight Class if this is your first RazorSword / BeltSword Weapon System.  As the APEX Weight Classes increase, so does its rigidness.  (If you order the “Light Heavy Weight Class” or the “Heavy Weight Class” APEX; please include the RazorSword length in the “Order Notes” located in the shopping cart “CHECKOUT”, or e-mail us with your length selection at CEO@RazorRazor.com)
    • Apex Predator Ultra High-Performance Mono-Blade – If this is your first RazorSword, and you have never owned or trained with a RazorSword, RazorMachete, or RazorBaton; you will be best served to choose either a standard Light Weight RazorSword Blade (.042″ thick) or the APEX Middle Weight Blade (.050″). (You may also consider one of the Laminated RazorSwords; as they tend to be less rigid than some of the heavier APEX blades.  Please see information below!
      • Small Waist Sizes – If you are searching for a shorter RazorSword blade; please see Light Weight Razor Swords in 24″, 26″, 29″, and 31″.  If you are seeking a heavy weight blade that is flexible enough to fit smaller waist sizes – Please See RazorSword Laminated Heavy Weights with lengths as short as 26-inches.
      • Optional Light Weight for EDC & High Stealth – Click link for more info on Light Weight Class RazorSwords… for very comfortable EDC – Light Weight RazorSwords –  The 31″ Light Weight RazorSword is made identical to APEX… just lighter.  The 31″ Light Weight is your next best option to a high-performance APEX type weapon, and is available in a 45-degree angle “katana type” point or the 21-degree needle nose point.  The Light Weight Class Mono-Blade was designed for people that wish to have a weapon system that was not as rigid as APEX…more comfortable for many-many hours of EDC, and better for covert operations and total concealment. Light Weight RazorSwords  Click on this link to access pages dedicated to the specifications of the Light Weight Class RazorSword.
      • APEX .050″ thick Blade – Middle Weight Class – In Lengths 31″-36″ – With some quality time and practice; the .050″ thick APEX Blade can be the perfect weapon and an “easy to use” system for the beginner.  However, even the expert will find that the .050″ APEX has the right balance between rigidness and flexibility to be a good thrusting / cutting battle ready weapon.  The .050″ APEX is easy to control during deployment.  The .050″ thick APEX blade (With some practice); is also relatively easy to “bend and secure” into the “Flexible Linked Containment Rail System”.  (If you are in below average physical condition, and lack weapon training; you may wish to consider the “Light Weight Class RazorSword – See Light Weight RazorSwords)
      • APEX .055″ thick Blade – Light Heavy Weight Class – In Lengths 34″-37″ – The .055″ APEX has a considerable increase in rigidness, and is an excellent weapon for cutting and thrusting.  However, this weapon system is not for the novice or beginner; the APEX .055″ Light Heavy Weight RazorSword will pose a challenge to use; unless you have trained with other RazorSword Weapon Systems.  Due to the substantial increase in rigidness and spring tension; it requires strength and training to safely bend and secure.  We recommend a brief conference call regarding any person considering an APEX blade heavier than the .050″ APEX Middle Weight.
      • APEX .062″ thick Blade – Heavy Weight Class – In Lengths 36″-40″ – The APEX .062″ thick blade is extremely rigid.  Not only is the APEX .062″ an excellent cutting weapon; its thrusting capabilities are on par with some of the best historical and modern battle-ready swords.  However, the .062″ APEX is for experts only…significant upper body strength is needed to safely “bend & secure” the weapon into the containment system.  The .062″ APEX Heavy Weight is too dangerous for anyone other than well trained military, elite law enforcement, or edged weapon professionals.  Due to the massive amount of spring tension/pressure being stored in the containment system; the .062″ APEX Heavy Weight can break hands, fingers, or even propel itself across a room, if weapon deployment is not properly kept under control.
    • The Apex Predator Series is a RazorSword Variant: APEX is a totally concealed “Body Contour Weapon System” that adjusts to the waist and torso area.  The APEX RazorSword is concealed in comfort, and hidden in what looks like a normal leather belt.  Deployment and target strike are sub-second; the deployment/strike should be one instant fluid motion. (Handle deployment is “downward…springing out…into your hand”) The Apex Predator Series is an Ultra High Performance Mono-Blade that is specially heat treated and tempered.  The “BeltSword Weapon System” is a series of containment clips that forms our patented “Flexible Linked Containment Rail System”.
    • Attributes & Differences: The Apex Predator Series is the preferred RazorSword for the true edged weapon professional and sword expert; those that wish to have the near perfect EDC – Every Day Carry option.  Although the APEX Middle Weight Blade is lighter than the Laminated Heavy-Weights; it is faster and much more rigid for thrusting than a Laminated Blade in the same weight class. When we compare the Apex Predator Middle Weight to a Laminated Heavy Weight Blade; APEX is faster, and more rigid for better thrusting and cutting.  APEX is designed as a superior offensive and defensive hidden weapon system.
    • Handle Width Options – All sword blades and sword handles are manufactured 1.5″ wide; but handles may be specially ordered at 1.25″ wide handle, or to your specifications (Custom handle included for an added fee)
    •  Belt Loops: Your belt loops need to be absolutely no less than 2.0” – 2.25″ inside height to allow the system to pass easily through your belt loops. If your belt loops are too small; a tailor can easily increase the inside height of your belt loops. Your two front belt loops are never threaded with the belt containment system – so they are not affected. See videos!
    • Body Contour Weapon System – The APEX RazorSword is “auto-adjusting”; within reason…the BeltSword System automatically fits the “body-contour” for your specific anatomy.
    • APEX RazorSword Technology – 1075/1095 specially tempered high carbon spring steel that is pre-stressed at our manufacturing facility.  The Apex Predator has an indestructible reputation. The sharp tip is an extreme 21-degreee angle to create a needle-nose penetrating point. (A 45-degree “Katana like point” is available upon request at no additional cost)  The blade geometry of this hard-thin high carbon steel makes for a superior razor-sharp edge and precise cuts. The 21-degree aggressive needle nose point of the APEX Mono-Blade has excellent thrusting capabilities.  However, the optional 45-degree angle point has the geometry of a straight-edge razor, and is the ultimate for a cutting/slashing weapon.
    • Blade – Blades sold “as not sharp” due to liability reasons. (A dull APEX RazorSword can easily crush through concrete blocks)
    • Katana Curve – The Apex Predator Series has a very slight “Katana Curve” due to blade tempering. The APEX curve is different from the Japanese Katana Curve.  With the sharp edge directed downward…towards earth; the Japanese Katana Curve goes “up & down” over the length of the blade.  The very slight curve in the APEX blade goes from the “right side to left side”.   For more information Click on Blue Link: Apex Predator Series RazorSword – In-depth Review – Compare Systems

APEX RazorSword Specifications – Sold Not Sharp

  • 31″-36″ APEX RazorSword (Middle Weight Class) Specs: 1.5” Wide x .050″ Thick @ 12-13 Ounces (Somewhat Rigid) Sold Not Sharp
  • 34″-37″ APEX RazorSword (Light Heavy Weight Class) Specs: 1.5″ Wide x .055″ Thick @ 13-15 Ounces (Very Rigid) Sold Not Sharp
  • 36″-40″ APEX RazorSword (Heavy Weight Class) Specs: 1.5″ Wide x .062″ thick @ 15 ounces to over 1-Pound (Extremely Rigid) Sold Not Sharp
  • 21 Degree Needle Nose Penetrating Point: The extreme 21-degree angle is distant variant of the Tanto style point – upon request a more conservative 45-degree angle; similar to the traditional Tanto or Katana point is available.  However, our 21-degree point is a superior design for penetrating / thrusting.
  • 1.5″ Wide Handle Standard:  The 1.5″ handle width is the standard grip for our RazorSwords; however, an optional 1.25″ wide handle grip is available upon request and for an extra fee.  The 1.25″ wide grip is perfect for small hands.

APEX – BeltSword Weapon System Package Contains

  • APEX RazorSword, Belt, & Containment System are All Included in Purchase – See Below
  • APEX RazorSword (One sword – not sharp) – 1075/1095 specially tempered high carbon spring steel.
  • Choose One Weight Class from Drop Down List Above
    • Middle Weight Class .050″ thick mono blade – Somewhat Rigid
    • Light Heavy Weight Class .055″ thick mono blade – Very Rigid
    • Heavy Weight Class .062″ thick mono blade – Extremely Rigid
  • Leather Belt – 100% pure top grain cowhide leather – heavy duty – extra thick.
  • Containment System – Lightweight – Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System. (Patented)
  • Notched Tool for Slotted Barrel Nut – Special notched custom tool; allows for easy installation and removal of barrel nuts that hold the containment clips to the belt.
  • Hardware and Instructions – Containment system hardware & instructions.
  • Point Tip Options – Please contact us for more information – 414-333-3300, or CEO@RazorRazor.com
  • Guaranteed for Life Against Catastrophic Failure – Highest quality 1075/1095 high carbon spring steel – has allowed the RazorSword to attain a near indestructible reputation.

APEX RazorSword – Middle Weight to Heavy Weight:  APEX RazorSword blades were designed to be great “offensive and defensive weapon systems” When sharpened they are excellent cutting and thrusting weapons.  APEX blades are extremely dangerous when sharp and even sword experts should never train with a (sharp) live blade.  I have witnessed experts in Eskrima accidentally strike themselves with the dull rounded edge of an APEX; had it been sharp…serious injury or death would have been the result.

Again, we DO NOT SHARPEN THE RazorSword BLADE; for liability reasons and you need to determine the proper length of your weapons sharp edge.  (We really have no idea how long your sharp edge should be – if you are a weapon expert and trained fighter…you will want to make the decision regarding the length of your sharp edge…you would not wish to have another weapon expert tell you how to sharpen your blade)  The sharp edge of the RazorSword needs to fit your specific needs. 

  • Medieval Knights and Sword Fighting: Knights would “choke up onto their sword blade”…grasping part of the bare steel blade.  This fighting technique was to use the pommel and tip.  Knights would sharpen only the area of the blade that “will not be held by their hand”.  In the final analysis; they would sharpen the length of their blade to fit their fighting style.

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