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1. BeltSword – RazorSword – Light Weights

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IMPORTANT! RazorSword must be 4 to 5 inches smaller than waist size – measure through belt loops with cloth tape measure or string for size! Add to purchase? – Go to MENU then PURCHASE

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BeltSword – RazorSword “Feather & Light Weights”

  • Extremely Important – Waist Measurement
    • Your pants and/or belt size Do Not give an accurate measurement for the Belt Containment System.  Please measure through your belt loops with either a cloth tape measure or string.  (Mark string to measure against a ruler)
    • For best results, it is IMPORTANT…while measuring through your belt loops, you also wear an undershirt and a heavier “denim like” shirt.  (This combination will give us your Maximum Outside Waist Measurement “MOWM”)
    • Your MOWM (Maximum Outside Waist Measurement) must be a minimum of 4-5 inches greater than the length of the RazorSword you ordered.  If you intend to use the system as your Every Day Carry; a MOWM of 6-7 inches greater than the RazorSword length is recommended.
  • BeltSword Weapon System & RazorSword Mono-Blades – The BeltSword Weapon System is a containment system to conceal RazorSwords in various lengths, weights, and thicknesses.  Feather Weights are 24″, 26″, 29″, and Light Weights are 31″.  RazorSwords are concealed and hidden in what looks like a normal leather belt. (Encircles your waist in total comfort – inside the patented Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System)
  • Feather Weight and Light Weight RazorSword Blades – There are two major blade types on this page for ordering.  Feather-Weight Class weapons in lengths of 24”, 26”, or 29” …and… Light-Weight Class weapon at a length of 31″.  RazorSwords on this page are of a Mono-Blade design and construction.  (Mono-Blade construction is one single spring steel blade as compared to a Laminated-Blade…Laminated Blades consist of multiple spring steel blades…laminated together forming one much heavier blade)
    • Feather Weight Class – The 24”, 26”, and 29” Feather-Weight Class blades are very light, very thin & very flexible…one of the easiest blades to bend, secure, conceal, and use…yet very comfortable to wear – developed as a defensive weapon.  However when sharpened even the Feather Weight Blade is like a massive razor-blade on steriods!  (Even the sight of this blade when deployed will cause a perpetrator to “run for their life”)  Feather Weights were designed to fit smaller waists, on tight jeans or pants in total comfort.  Based upon an extreme thin profile; they are the easiest blade type to conceal and hide.
    • Light Weight Class – The 31″ Light weight Class blade  is also light, flexible…one of the easiest blades to bend, secure, conceal, and use…yet very comfortable to wear; but The Light Weight Class Blade is considerably heavier and more rigid than Feather Weight Blades.  Light Weights are an excellant defensive weapon when sharp…again a massive razor-blade on steriods!  The 31″ Light Weight  lacks the crushing power of APEX Blades or the Laminated Heavy Weight Blades.
  • Belt Loop Size Requirements: Your belt loops need to be absolutely no less than 2.0” – 2.25″ inside height to allow the BeltSword System to pass easily through your belt loops.  If your belt loops are too small; a tailor can easily increase the inside height of your belt loops. (There is material “left over” at both ends of most belt loop to increase their height)  Your two front belt loops are never threaded with the BeltSword Containment system – so they are not affected.  See videos!
  • Instant Deployment and Target Strike – A simple twist of your belt will instantly deploy the RazorSword with either a forward or reverse grip. Deployment and target strike is sub-second under stress. (Handle deployment is downward and out – handle is deployed below the belt)
  • Body Contour Weapon System – The BeltSword Weapon System is a “Body Contour Weapon System that is “auto-adjusting”; it automatically fits the “body-contour” for your specific anatomy.
  • RazorSword – 1075/1095 specially tempered high carbon spring steel; this is the secret to the RazorSword and its indestructible reputation.  The point is a variant of the “katana-type”; however it is designed with an extreme 21-degree angle to create a needle-nose penetrating point.  The edge geometry and thin hard carbon steel…makes for superior razor-edge cuts when sharpened.
  • Blade Design & Construction – Blades are sold not sharp due to liability reasons.  (A totally dull blade can cut up to 1.0 inch into 1/2 inch plywood sheet) Mono-blades hold an extremely sharp edge. (If you are LE/MIL in high-threat / high-stress environments; you may consider a heavier and more rigid APEX Mono-Blade)
  • Instructions Included  Installation, Use and Deployment

BWS – BeltSword Weapon System Package Contains

  • RazorSword, Belt & Containment System are All Included in Purchase – See Below
  • RazorSword (Sold not sharp) – 1075/1095 specially tempered high carbon spring steel
  • Choose Length and Weight Class from Drop Down List Above
    • Feather Weight Class – .032″ thick mono blade in 24″ and 26″ length
    • Feather Weight Class – .035″ thick mono blade in 29″ length
    • Light Weight Class – .042″ thick mono blade in 31″ length
  • Leather Belt – 100% pure top grain cowhide leather – extra heavy duty
  • Containment System  – Lightweight Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System
  • Notched Flat Head Screw Driver – Special notched screw driver allow for easy installation of barrel nuts.
  • Hardware and Instructions – Containment system hardware & instructions
  • Guarantee for Life Against Catastrophic Failure – Highest quality 1075/1095 high carbon spring steel has allowed the RazorSword to attain a near indestructible reputation.

RazorSword Specs – Mono Blade – Sold Not Sharp

  • 24” RazorSword Specs: 1.5” Wide x .032″ Thick @ 6 Ounces (Feather-Weight Class Weapon)
  • 26” RazorSword Specs: 1.5” Wide x .032″ Thick @ 6.5 Ounces (Feather-Weight Class Weapon)
  • 29” RazorSword Specs: 1.5” Wide x .035″ Thick @ 7.75 Ounces (Feather-Weight Class Weapon)
  • 31” RazorSword Specs: 1.5” Wide x .042″ Thick @ 9.5 Ounces (Light-Weight Class Weapon)
  • 1.5″ Wide Handle Standard: Upon request we will reduce the handle size to 1.25″ wide.  The 1.25″ wide handle is a perfect fit for small hands.
  • RazorSword – Feather Weight & Light Weight:  The above blades are great “defensive weapon systems” when sharpened.  However they are not designed as an offensive thrusting weapon…unless your hand placement “choke-up’s” onto the bare (Non-sharp) part of the blade…making the blade “effectively shorter” and thus more rigid for thrusting.

    (We really have no idea how long your sharp edge should be – if you are a weapon expert and trained fighter…you will want to make the decision regarding the length of your sharp edge…you would not wish to have another weapon expert tell you how to sharpen your blade)

  • Medieval Knights and Sword Fighting: Knights would “choke up onto their sword blade”…grasping part of the bare steel blade.  This fighting style was to use the pommel and tip.  Knights would sharpen only the area of the blade that “will not be held by the hand”.

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