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The BeltSword / RazorSword, RazorDagger, RazorMachete, RazorBaton…as well as our other systems; are the forerunners to an entirely new method of weapon design and “how we define personal defense”.  RazorRazor is involved in the R&D of new covert weapon systems for the future.  (Passive / Aggressive Weaponized Systems or PAWS)  This is not only a new weapon system; but an innovation into the very thought process on how we defend ourselves…

A. How a weapon system should be integrated   and deployed.

B. How our natural thought process, motor skills, and emotions interact with weapon     performance.

       C.  How we counter and neutralize a threat.

(R&D is in the early stages, and will not be available in the near future)

If you study the animal kingdom; a wolverine does not need to dig into a pouch, pocket, sheath, or holster to pull out a weapon.  (That takes time; in an ambush scenario you may not be able to access your weapon)  Animals like the wolverine have weapons that are “built-in” and part of their simple anatomy…the response is instinctive and instantaneous.  Very little practice or training is needed for a wolverine to be extremely vicious or deadly.

In the future we will have patents on a series of weapons that are hidden in plain sight.  An attacker will receive an instant Weaponized Counter Response with a system that does not need to be deployed…it simple exists…as part of the person.  It is both instant and instinctive; it is designed to take advantage of simple motor skills, body mechanics, leverage, and basic human anatomy.  This is all part of an overall defensive/offensive weapon system strategy.

We have learned that complex training exercises and motor-skills are severely compromised in an attack/ambush scenario; you are reduced to very simplistic motor skills and an almost primitive life/death reaction.  If cold weather or cold water is added to this scenario; the most basic skills become a near impossibility.

Some of our prototype systems may be especially well-suited for CQB (Close Quarter Battle)  – in the event of a close quarter attack – an offensive response needs to be simple, swift, and intuitive – capable of instantly neutralizing a threat with multiple assailants.  RazorRazor-FEW (Future Edged Weapons)

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