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17 RD 7,8,9, Tact CompareThe ability to integrate various new systems into existing weapons; is carefully planned by RazorRazor.  By design we look at the big picture; as redundancy and adaptation is part of the short and long term objectives for all weapons.  We continue to question the efficacy of our designs; “How do we bring integration at every level to an ever expandable weapon platform…the human body”.

Most companies on the internet do not design or manufacture their own edged weapons; nor is there any coordination to integrate a series of weapons into one cohesive system.  They sell the same old “weapon copies”; many of these “weapon copies” are poor quality, and few if any have a lifetime guarantee.  Many of these “copies” are manufactured in countries with dubious human rights records.  We see foreign manufacturers that do not obey our patent laws…that do not respect human rights…that even attempt to undermine our free society.

Our weapons are guaranteed for life regarding structural or material failure (See FAQ – Warranty); manufactured at our facilities here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Made in “The Good Old USA”)  Much of the work to create each weapon is done the old fashioned wayby hand.  If you call us you will speak with a real Milwaukee person, and our CEO (Chief Edged Officer) Curtis W. Koehler will be on hand to answer important questions.

RazorRazor holds the patent rights to all proprietary designs.  As we defend you, we are also defended; by a team of attorneys / litigators.  This guarantees our customers the integrity of high-quality products; against inferior copies, made by unethical people, from fraudulent or foreign companies.

Two Rules that Define the RazorRazor Company

  • Rule #1  Innovation & Quality is our Passion
  • Rule #2 – Never Forget Rule #1 

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Purchase  |  About Us  |  Manufacturing – Guarantee  |  History  |  Future

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