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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe history of edged weapons goes back thousands of years; as it helped to build great new civilizations, it also helped to destroy others.  Even after thousands of years; it would be difficult to find military personnel anywhere in the world that does not carry at least one edged weapon.  That simple knife or dagger from over 5,000 years ago; remains one of the most used tools on the planet.  When all of our high-tech systems fail; that simple edged weapon will prevail.

In 1996 Curtis W. Koehler was prompted to begin his early weapon concepts and designs when he traveled to Flatbush Federal Savings & Loan, in Brooklyn New York.  At the time Curt was a financial marketing consultant, and had a meeting with the bank President Anthony Monteverdi, and their Vice President Joe Adia.  Curt was dressed in a custom made suit and a “Zero Halliburton” attaché case; he was a perfect target, in a geographic area where everything is gated and graffiti is the prevalent décor.  In the distance Curt noticed that the bank buildings first floor was all glass, which would make it easy to remove graffiti.  Not so reports Curt, as the “youngsters” permanently etched the graffiti into the glass.  Curt had to ask himself; “How in the hell am I going to protect myself if I am attacked by several assailants?”  Through this experience, RazorRazor covert edged weapon systems were born!

RazorRazor is the first and only weapon design company to develop, patent, and manufacture a military grade BeltSword Weapon System – BWS.  (It is a “Covert Weapon System” designed to be expandable with an assortment of “tools” – these weapons are not just a blade or a single use edged weapon – they are a totally integrated system)

Today there are a litany of weapons and weapon systems designed by the RazorRazor Company.  Our innovative designs began with the standard BeltSword; new innovations created the LIKET Baton, RazorBaton, RazorMachete, RazorDaggers, Double RazorDaggers…to name a few.  RazorRazor is the only company that designs and manufactures these weapon systems.

RazorRazor’s very first weapon system was the BeltSword Weapon System (BWS).  Historically there have been many attempts by others to design a functioning “Invisible Sword” or BeltSword Weapon System (In China as well as other countries).  These “BeltSword” attempts ended in a thin band saw blade that behaved more like a “limp noodle”, and never became a trusted lethal weapon.  (At best a novelty item – or a poor quality toy)  They were easy to spot (Unable to conceal); which defeats the entire purpose of an “invisible weapon system”.

Over time,  many others have tried to develop a rigid and heavy weight sword, or machete for a belt style hidden containment system.  These other companies produced a blade that would remain permanently curved (bent) after it was removed from its containment system…rendering it totally useless, and deadly only to its owner.

RazorRazor remains the only company to design, perfect, and manufacture, a heavy weight RazorSword, RazorMachete, or RazorBaton that can be totally hidden and concealed…yet has ease of access with sub-second deployment under stress..

Our laminated heavy-weight sword is a first; a RazorSword that is heavy and powerful enough to crush dozens of concrete blocks, with little or no damage to the RazorSword blade.  Our Apex Predator Series is available in either a sword or machete, and will out perform the competition.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products against structural or catastrophic failure!  (See FAQ – Warranty)  This includes any and all of the weapon systems and tool systems that are manufactured by RazorRazor.

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