RazorDagger Tactical 7", 8" & 9"
RazorDagger Tactical - 7", 8", 9"

BeltDagger – 7″, 8″ & 9″ RazorDagger Tactical (SERE Training 8″)

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RD – Executive & Tactical – Single Weapon Deployment – Safety Sheath – Click Video Link

RazorDagger Tactical – A Body Contour Weapon System

  • RazorDagger Tactical – The Tactical RazorDagger has a wider handle for a better grip; with a stronger blade than the RazorDagger Executive version.  Designed as a covert Body Contour Weapon System; at the request of elite U.S. Drug Enforcement.  In 2008 the RazorRazor Company was commissioned to custom design and manufacture a covert edged weapon system (RazorDagger) for elite undercover Drug Enforcement Agents.  There request; “A covert edged weapon system” that will defeat most pat-downs and searches …but must have instant easy access, sub-second deployment under stress, with increased lethality…they wanted something that never existed before.  The RazorDagger Weapon System is now being used by US and foreign allied military, elite law enforcement, escape & evasion trainers and counter terrorism units throughout the world.  (RazorDaggers are between 2-3 ounces…the blade is light, thin and fast…it “out-performs” the typical heavy, thick and slow tactical knife)
    • Escape & Evasion – SERE chief instructor in Europe for elite LE/MIL: “I’ve been wearing mine daily and have not encountered anything that I would change. It’s by far the most comfortable and unobtrusive fixed blade knife that I have ever carried”
  • RazorDagger Trainer – 30% Discount with RazorDagger Purchase – When you purchase any RazorDagger Weapon System you will receive a 30% discount off the RD-Trainer’s regular price.  The Training System for the RazorDagger was developed in conjunction with an international counter terror training unit.  The RD-Trainer is 1.25″ wide by 7.5″ long with a rounded tip to help prevent injury.  However, eye protection is required as the Trainer tip could easily penetrate soft eye tissue.  “Train as you fight…fight as you train”; this is the reason we made our trainer almost identical to the standard RazorDagger Tactical blade.
  • Package Description – RazorDagger Tactical – This package includes one RazorDagger, and one 1.5″ wide Safety Sheath.  With the option for a 30% discounted RazorDagger Trainer and the option for one extra “Standard or Narrow” sheath.  The Narrow Sheath was designed for narrow 1.25″ narrow belts.
  • RazorDagger Tactical – This variant was designed for military and tactical law enforcement. (Originally designed at the request of elite US Drug Enforcement)  As such the Tactical version is manufactured with a 1.25″ Wide Handle/Blade that is substantially stronger and larger than the Executive version.  The Tactical variant is made for concealment under belts that are 1.25″ to 1.5″ or wider.
  • Package Options – 7″, 8″, or 9″ options – Sold as one single RazorDagger.  RazorDagger lengths are for the Overall Length of the entire weapon; see bottom of page for thrusting penetration and weights.  The weight of the Tactical RazorDagger ranges between 2.15 to 2.75 ounces depending upon length.
  • RazorDagger – Safety Sheath – SS is a single RazorDagger sheath system – it is the most basic and the easiest to use.  It has easy access and is designed to instantly deploy one RazorDagger into your right or left hand.
  • RazorDaggers – General Information –  The RazorDagger was designed for elite drug enforcement, and meets the zero compromise criteria imposed by covert operations.  RazorDaggers are capable of sub-second deployment under stress.
  • Deployment – A simple twist of your belt will instantly deploy the RazorDagger.
  • Body Contour Weapon System – Fixed blade weapon system – comfortable to wear – the ultra thin blade perfectly fits the contour of the human anatomy – making the weapon “invisible” to anyone conducting reconnaissance and observations – the curvature is adjustable for civilian applications or covert operations.  Blade curvature enhances lethality; with the increase of interior wound cavitation…larger internal cavity / with wider wound channel.
  • RazorDagger 1095 specially tempered high carbon spring steel – with a variation of a Tanto/needle nose point – makes for superior razor-edge cutting and penetration.
  • Blade – Blades are sold “Double-Edge Sharp” unless instructed otherwise.  Due to the blade curvature and thus the orientation to a target – “Double-Edge Sharp” is highly recommended.
  • Training RazorDagger – A practice rounded point training RazorDagger is available upon request.
  • Velcro / Nylon Sheath Lightweight flexible Velcro and Nylon – Steel staples reinforced
  • Instructions Included Installation and Deployment

RazorDagger Tactical Specifications – Sold with Near Razor-Sharp Edge

  • 7″ RazorDagger Specs: 1.25” Wide x .062 Thick – Dagger tip is a “Tanto variant”
    • 7.125″ Length Overall – 3″ to 4″ Max Penetration Depending Upon Grip
    • 2.15 Ounces – Weight of 7″ RazorDagger Tactical
  • 8″ RazorDagger Specs: 1.25” Wide x .062 Thick – Dagger tip is a “Tanto variant”
    • 8.125″ Length Overall – 4″ to 5″ Max Penetration Depending Upon Grip
    • 2.5 Ounces – Weight of 8″ RazorDagger Tactical
  • 9″ RazorDagger Specs: 1.25” Wide x .062 Thick – Dagger tip is a “Tanto variant”
    • 9.125″ Length Overall – 5″ to 6″ Max Penetration Depending Upon Grip
    • 2.75 Ounces – Weight of 9″ RazorDagger Tactical

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