OSS-X RazorDagger 10.375"

OSS-X 10″ RazorDagger Commando

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Click Photo to Full View – OSS-X RazorDagger Inspired by Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife.  Purchase includes one sheath.  RD-Trainer with any Dagger purchase is 30% off retail = $34.95
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OSS-X RazorDagger – Enhanced Stealth – EDC for LE/MIL & Civilians 

  • OSS-X RazorDagger – The OSS-X by the RazorRazor Company is the most lethal concealed “Enhanced Stealth” edged weapon system to currently exist.  (Able to totally hide a 10.375 OSS-X RazorDagger under ultra thin nylon bicycle shorts) It was designed after the original and famous Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife used by British Commandos and the US variants OSS Stiletto and V-42 Stiletto used by the FSSF – First Special Service Force during WWII. (For more information Google Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife and OSS Stiletto) (Described here as OSS for our purposes – “OSS – Office of Strategic Services”) The OSS version was not only a commando weapon; but a venerable tool of the assassin.  As such, the OSS tip has a very narrow needle nose point for extreme penetration.  However, this extreme point was not perfectly suited for all types of combat (As historically documented); hence RazorRazor designed a second blade after the OSS…called the Vorte-X RazorDagger…which is a concealable combat knife and securely retained survival knife.  (See Vorte-X differences and specifications on other website pages) All RazorRazor knife/dagger blades are constructed from one solid piece of spring steel; our sharpest points (Including the OSS-X) will never break…all blades are guaranteed for life against catastrophic failure.
  • OSS-X RazorDagger “Commando” – The OSS-X RazorDagger is part of our X-Series…not only Enhanced Stealth for covert operations; but for civilian EDC – Every Day Carry.  The X-Series was designed at the request of the team leader for a counter terror training unit here in the United States.  The new X-Series design was inspired by the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife used by commandos during WWII.  With an overall length of 10.375″ and penetration at or over 6″; the OSS-X blade is longer than any of the RazorDagger Tactical or RazorDagger Executive blades.
    • Body Contour Weapon System – The highly successful stealth features of our Body Contour Weapon System continue to make history with the OSS-X design.  The OSS-X is filling a critical need for civilian concealed carry as well as our elite LE/MIL, including Escape and Evasion Training Teams (SERE).
    • OSS-X continues our tradition for an “Every Day Carry – Covert Edged Weapon System” that will defeat most pat-downs and searches; but must has instant easy access, with sub-second deployment under stress.  The OSS-X has increased lethality…with a longer blade that is slightly curved…the curvature expands the internal cutting radius…causing massive internal wounds from cavitation.  The OSS-X RazorDagger is about three ounces in weight…the narrow blade is long, light, thin, and fast…it simply “out-performs” the typical heavy, cumbersome, and slow tactical knife.
    • Escape & Evasion – Quote from SERE chief training instructor in Europe for elite LE/MIL: “I’ve been wearing mine daily and have not encountered anything that I would change. It’s by far the most comfortable and unobtrusive fixed blade knife that I have ever carried” (Review based upon the original 8″ RazorDagger Tactical design)
  • RazorDagger Trainer – SPECIAL OFFER 30% Discount with the purchase of any RazorDagger System – When you purchase any RazorDagger Weapon System you will receive a 30% discount off the RD-Trainer’s regular price.  The Training System for the RazorDagger was developed in conjunction with an international counter terror training unit.  The RD-Trainer is 1.25″ wide by 7.5″ long with a rounded tip to help prevent injury.  However, eye protection is required as the Trainer tip could easily penetrate soft eye tissue.  “Train as you fight…fight as you train”; this is the reason we made our trainer almost identical to the standard RazorDagger Tactical blade.
  • Package Description – OSS-X RazorDagger – This package includes one OSS-X RazorDagger, and one 1.0″ wide “Xtra Narrow” Safety Sheath.  With the option for a 30% discount off the RazorDagger Tactical Trainer and the option for one additional “Xtra Narrow” sheath.
  • OSS-X RazorDagger – OSS-X was inspired by the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife used by British and US Commandos.  However, with our proprietary “Body Contour Weapon System” design; enables total and complete concealment for civilian EDC, covert military operations and/or undercover law enforcement.  The OSS-X RazorDagger variant is manufactured with a 1.5″ Wide Handle a 1.25″ Grip, a 1.0″ wide blade, with an overall length of 10.375″. The OSS-X is made for concealment under belts that are 1.25″ to 1.5″ or wider.
  • Package Options – Sold as a single 10.375″ long OSS-X RazorDagger.  RazorDagger lengths are the Overall Length of the entire weapon; see bottom of page for specifications, including penetration and weight.
  • OSS-X RazorDagger – Safety Sheath – SS is a single sheath system – it is the most basic and the easiest to use.  It has easy access and is designed to instantly deploy one OSS-X RazorDagger into your right or left hand.
  • OSS-X RazorDaggers – General Information – The OSS-X RazorDagger is a variant of the original RazorDagger Tactical weapon system that was designed for elite undercover U.S. Drug Enforcement posing as criminal drug buyers.  OSS-X meets the zero compromise criteria imposed by covert operators for total concealment, instant easy access, and sub-second deployment under stress.
  • Deployment – A simple twist of your belt…with a “one handed sweep”…will instantly deploy the RazorDagger into your right or left hand.
  • Body Contour Weapon System –   An EDC fixed blade weapon system – comfortable to wear – fits the contour of human anatomy – curvature is easily adjustable for covert operations.  Blade curvature enhances lethality; with the increase of interior wound cavitation…larger internal cavity / wider wound channel.
  • OSS-X RazorDagger  1095 specially tempered high carbon spring steel.  This weapon was inspired by the WWII Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife and a US version the OSS Stiletto from the United States Office of Strategic Services.  This commando dagger with its needle nose point was known for its superior penetration and lethality.
  • Blade – Blades are sold “Double-Edge Sharp” unless instructed otherwise.  Due to the blade curvature and thus the orientation to a target – “Double-Edge Sharp” is highly recommended.
  • RazorDagger Tactical Trainer Option – A rounded point Tactical training RazorDagger is available upon request.  See “Drop Down” for 30% discount.
  • Velcro / Nylon Sheath Lightweight flexible Velcro that adheres to a Nylon inner sheath – Steel staples reinforced.
  • Instructions Included Installation and Deployment

OSS-X RazorDagger Specifications – Sold with Near Razor-Sharp Edge

  • OSS-X RazorDagger Specs:
    • Body Contour Weapon System – Designed for Every Day Carry & Stealth
    • Blade Curvature is Adjustable for Changing Operational Conditions
    • Long, Light, Thin, and Fast – Out Cuts Typical Heavy Tactical Knives
    • 10.375″ – Length Overall
    • Handle: Full Tang
    • Weight: Under 3 Ounces
    • 1.5″ Wide Guard & Pommel
    • 1.25” Wide Grip/Handle
    • 1.0″ Wide Double Edge Blade
    • .062″ Thick Blade
    • 1.0″ Wide Sheath
    • OSS-X RazorDagger Tip – Spear Point (Needle nose penetrating point)
    • 6″ to 7″ Max Penetration Depending upon Compression
    • OSS-X Curved Blade: Expands the internal cutting radius from the blade curved design…creating a larger area of internal cavitation…causing significantly greater damage to vital organs, arteries, and nerves.

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