OSS-X RazorDagger 10.375"

OSS-X 10″ Commando

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OSS-X RazorDagger Commando Inspired by Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife. (1x Sheath Included)  30% off Trainer $49.95 with any Dagger purchase = $34.95
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OSS-X RazorDagger Commando – EDC for LE/MIL & Civilians

  • Overview – Very Easy to Use The 10.375″ long OSS-X RazorDagger is retained with Velcro; at about 12 o’clock front and waist level on the inside of any type of leather, nylon, or tactical belt.  OSS-X is concealed on the inside of any belt; as the belt goes through your belt loops. The OSS-X RazorDagger is “safely secured/retained” while being totally hidden and concealed inside our specially designed reinforced nylon Safety Sheath.  Weapon access is instantaneous…a simple twist of the belt exposes the handle for a “one handed sweep & release”; guaranteeing sub-second deployment under stress.  From the outside of the belt, and even with a standard “pat down and search”; it is near impossible to determine that a 10-inch OSS-X RazorDagger Commando is concealed under the belt.  Even metal sensing wands find it near impossible to detect the OSS-X RazorDagger; due to the combination of the RazorDaggers lower metallic signature and sensory obstruction from the large metal belt buckle.
  • Verbose – Yes, we could use a lot less words describing our products; however, as design engineers we have a penchant for detail, and perfection.
  • BeltDagger Weapon System Fits Almost any Belt You May Have – The OSS-X RazorDagger System was designed to be totally adaptable for secure retention onto any belt that you may own.  Due to this, our 100% genuine cowhide leather belts are available upon request for an additional fee.  All of our belts are custom made; you will find it very difficult to find a heavy-duty extra-thick leather belt of this quality.
  • OSS-X RazorDagger Commando – The OSS-X, including all other RazorDagger variants with our Enhanced Stealth Curvature are the most lethal concealed edged weapons on the planet. The 10.375″ RazorDagger OSS-X, including its variants: are the only Large Fixed Blade Knives in the World that can be hidden and concealed from most pat-down searches.  Yet the RazorDagger Weapon System allows for instant easy access and sub-second deployment under stress.  (The original and first Tactical RazorDagger was designed for, and at the request of, elite undercover drug enforcement agents here in the U.S.)
  • Design Benefits – RazorDaggers are lighter, faster, thinner, and more lethal than other knives.  The Enhanced Stealth Curvature increases lethality with a larger internal wound cavitation…similar to a hollow point bullet.  This special blade will out-perform any other knife in the same size category. The ability to alter the blades curvature to enhance stealth, while “in the field”, is a world’s first in edged weapon technology and engineering.  The actual physical characteristics of the OSS-X “blade curvature” is adjustable as often as needed.  Some special operators have referred to this revolutionary design as the “ShapeShifting Blade”…a blade that can completely alter its shape, and adapt to ever changing operational conditions.
  • OSS-X RazorDagger “Blade & Point” – The RazorRazor Company incorporated some of the design characteristics of the WWII Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife into the OSS-X.  The OSS-X blade is designed with an extreme needle nose point for thrusting and deep penetration.  The blade curvature of the OSS-X was designed to increase lethality; a larger wound channel from internal cavitation.  Since the OSS-X is made with resilient spring steel; it is virtually indestructible…the point will never break.  In summary the OSS-X is a commando knife which can be manufactured in either a straight blade for tactical vests or the concealed curved blade version to defeat “pat-down” searches.
  • Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife – Both the OSS-X and the Vorte-X, were inspired by the WWII Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife used by British commandos.  RazorRazor Company also examined the WWII designs for the OSS Stiletto variant, and the Case V-42…used by FSSF / First Special Service Force and other U.S. Commandos during WWII.  Historically, some operators did not like the needle nose point of the original Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife.  Depending upon the combat environment, training and personal preference; some operators requested a wider more durable point, and a point that would be less likely to get “stuck into bone” (See Vorte-X for a point that is wider, durable, and less likely to get “stuck into bone”.  Note: All RazorDaggers are made of unbreakable high carbon spring steel; a solid piece of resilient spring steel…you will never need to worry about the point/tip breaking. However, this is not true of stainless-steel knives/daggers; stainless-steel knives have a very serious flaw…their points/tips are easy to break.  (Each and every blade designed and manufactured by the RazorRazor Company is guaranteed for life against catastrophic failure)
  • The OSS-X was Born at the RazorRazor Company – Described here as OSS-X after the original “OSS – Office of Strategic Services” Commando Knife from WWII. (Office of Strategic Services was the predecessor to the CIA) The original WWII OSS Fighting Knife version was not only a commando weapon; but a venerable tool of the assassin.  As such, the OSS-X tip has a very long narrow needle nose point for extreme penetration.
  • OSS-X RazorDagger “Commando” – The OSS-X RazorDagger is part of our X-Series…our Enhanced Stealth Curvature is not limited to covert operations; but for civilian EDC – Every Day Carry.  The X-Series was designed in 2017 at the request of a counter terror training unit here in the United States.  The OSS-X has an overall length of 10.375″ and penetration at or over 6″ depending upon grip and target compression.  The OSS-X blade is longer than our standard RazorDagger Tactical at 7″, 8″ and 9″ or RazorDagger Executive series at 6.25″, 7″, and 8″.
  • Body Contour Weapon System – The highly successful stealth features of our Body Contour Weapon System, continues to make history.  The OSS-X is filling a critical need for civilian concealed carry as well as numerous tactical options for elite LE/MIL, including Escape and Evasion (SERE).
  • OSS-X continues our tradition…an “Every Day Carry – Covert Edged Weapon System” that will defeat most “pat-down” searches.  OSS-X has a superior “safe and secure retention system”; the patented retention system is the safest and most secure in the industry…yet this secure retention system has instant easy access with sub-second deployment under stress.  The OSS-X is very light; about three ounces in weight.  The OSS-X blade is long, light, thin, and fast…it simply “out-performs” the typical heavy, slow and cumbersome tactical knives.  Again, the OSS-X “Curve” increases lethality; similar to the impact of a hollow-point bullet.
    • Escape & Evasion – Quote from SERE Chief Training Instructor in Europe for elite LE/MIL: “I’ve been wearing mine daily and have not encountered anything that I would change. It’s by far the most comfortable and unobtrusive fixed blade knife that I have ever carried” (Review based upon the original 8″ RazorDagger Tactical weapon system)
  • RazorDagger Trainer – SPECIAL OFFER We will apply a 30% Discount to our Training Dagger; with the purchase of any RazorDagger System – When you purchase any RazorDagger Weapon System you will receive a 30% discount off the RD-Trainer’s regular price.  The Training System for the RazorDagger was developed in conjunction with an international counter terror training unit.  The RD-Trainer is 1.25″ wide by 7.5″ long with a rounded tip to help prevent injury.  However, eye protection is required as the Trainer tip could easily penetrate soft eye tissue.  “Train as you fight…fight as you train”; this is the reason we made our trainer almost identical to the standard RazorDagger Tactical blade.
  • Package Description – OSS-X RazorDagger – This package includes one 10.375″ OSS-X RazorDagger, and one 1.25″ wide Safety Sheath.  With the option for a 30% discount off the RazorDagger Tactical Trainer and the option for one additional 1.25″ sheath.  (An extra sheath is a great idea; a spare sheath for other belts, or in the event you lose or damage your original sheath)
  • OSS-X RazorDagger Specifications – The OSS-X RazorDagger variant is manufactured with a 1.5″ Guard, a 1.5″ Pommel, a 1.25″ Grip, a 1.0″ wide blade, with an overall length of 10.375″, and penetration of over 6″.  The “curved blade” OSS-X was designed for concealment under belts that are 1.25″ to 1.5″ or wider.  The OSS-X may also be ordered without the curve; to be used in the front pouch of a tactical vest.  See bottom of page for detailed specifications. 
  • Safety Retention Sheath – Nylon & Velcro – The Safety Sheath is a single sheath system – it is very easy to use and install onto any belt.  The sheath is made from reinforced nylon and Velcro Hook material. Lightweight flexible Velcro Sticky-Back adheres to a Nylon inner sheath – Steel staples reinforced.
  • OSS-X RazorDaggers – General Information – The OSS-X RazorDagger is a variant of the original RazorDagger Tactical weapon system that was designed by the RazorRazor Company for elite U.S. Drug Enforcement posing as criminal drug buyers and/or acting as undercover agents.  OSS-X meets the zero compromise criteria imposed by covert operators for total concealment, instant easy access, and sub-second deployment under stress.
  • Deployment – A simple twist of your belt…with a “one handed sweep” of the grip…will instantly deploy the RazorDagger into your right or left hand.
  • Body Contour Weapon System –   Fixed blade weapon system – comfortable to wear – fits the contour of human anatomy – the physical blade curvature is easily adjustable for covert operations.  Blade curvature enhances lethality; with a large increase of the internal wound channel from cavitation…larger internal cavity / wider wound channel.  (Similar to the high impact from a hollow-point bullet)
  • OSS-X RazorDagger  1095 specially tempered high carbon spring steel.  The 1095 high carbon spring steel makes the blade indestructible; with a lifetime guarantee against catastrophic failure.
  • Blade – Blades are sold “Double-Edge Sharp” unless instructed otherwise.  Due to the blade curvature and the orientation to a target – “Double-Edge Sharp” is highly recommended as it increases the options regarding angles of attack to target.
  • Training Tactical RazorDagger Option – A rounded point Tactical training RazorDagger is available upon request.  See “Drop Down” option for 30% discount.
  • Instructions Included Installation and Deployment

OSS-X RazorDagger Specifications – Sold with Near Razor-Sharp Edge

  • OSS-X RazorDagger Specs:
    • Blade Options: Available in Two Configurations
      1. Curved Blade for Concealment inside Belt / around Torso Area
      2. Straight Blade for Front Pocket in Tactical Vests
    • Body Contour Weapon System – Designed for Every Day Carry & Stealth
    • Blade Curvature is Adjustable for Changing Operational Conditions
    • Long, Light, Thin, and Fast – Out Cuts Typical Heavy Tactical Knives
    • 10.375″ – Length Overall
    • Handle: Full Tang
    • Weight: Under 3 Ounces
    • 1.5″ Wide Guard & Pommel (Maximum Handle Width)
    • 1.25” Wide Grip/Handle (Maximum Grip Width)
    • 1.0″ Wide Double Edge Blade
    • .062″ Thick Blade
    • 1.25″ Wide Sheath
    • OSS-X RazorDagger Tip – Spear Point (Long needle nose penetrating point)
    • 6″ to 7″ Max Penetration – Depending upon Compression
    • OSS-X Curved Blade: Expands the internal cutting radius from the curved blade design…creating a larger area of internal cavitation…causing significantly greater damage to vital organs, arteries, and nerves.  (Similar in effect to a hollow point bullet)

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