Double RazorDagger 9" or 10"

BeltDagger – 9″-10″ Double RazorDagger

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Click Photo to Full View – Double RazorDagger – A powerful 1.25″ wide grip/handle for superior cutting, thrusting, control and leverage

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DRD – Single Weapon Deployment – Safety Sheath System – Click Video Link

Double RazorDagger – with Safety Sheath

  • Double RazorDagger – This is the first practical totally concealed edged weapon system with opposing twin (2x) needle nose points and four (4x) razor sharp edges. (Handle / grip in the middle between the two points) Since the handle is between the twin points and four edges; a disarm is extremely difficult.  Depending upon your choice; you will have up to 3″ of penetration at each end of the Double RazorDagger; making this weapon both very lethal and near impossible to defeat in close quarter battle. (Your hand is at the center of the fulcrum; giving you much greater control, leverage and holding power) The Double RazorDagger is a “Body Contour Weapon System” that curves slightly…conforming to the human torso…a perfect that is concealed around your waist area under your belt in our proprietary easy access instant deployment system.  Access and deployment is sub-second under stress.
  • Package Description – Double RazorDagger – This package includes one Double RazorDagger and two Safety Sheaths.  The two Safety Sheaths cover both points of the weapon.  The Double RazorDagger was designed as an omnidirectional weapon system.  The DRD has a powerful handle/blade that is 1.25-inches wide at the center – it tapers into twin Tanto points – 2x needle nose penetrating points & 4x razor-sharp edges.
  • Package Options – 9″, or 10″ options – Sold as one single Double RazorDagger
  • Safety Sheath for Double RazorDagger – In this package the Safety Sheath will cover the two sharp tips of Double RazorDagger – it is the most basic and easiest to use.
  • Double RazorDagger – General Information – The Double RazorDagger was originally designed for Martial Arts Professionals.  Although not originally intended for military or law enforcement; the DRD meets the zero compromise criteria imposed by covert operations.  Double RazorDaggers are capable of sub-second deployment under stress.
  • Deployment – A simple twist of your belt will instantly deploy the Double RazorDagger.
  • Body Contour Weapon System – Fixed blade weapon system – comfortable to wear – fits contour of human anatomy – curvature is adjustable for covert operations.
  • Double RazorDagger – 1095 specially tempered high carbon spring steel – the extreme needle nose penetrating point is a variant of the Tanto design – it makes for superior razor-edge cutting, thrusting, and penetration.
  • Blade Blades are sold almost razor-sharp.  (Extreme Caution: The razor-sharp edges with a needle nose penetrating point makes this is an extremely dangerous weapon system)
  • Safety Sheath – Velcro Nylon Sheath – Lightweight flexible Velcro and Nylon – Steel staples reinforced
  • Instructions – Installation and Deployment

Double RazorDagger Specifications – Sold near Razor-Sharp

  • 9” Double RazorDagger Specs: 1.25” Wide x .062 Thick – Duel Points – Quad Edged (9″ is the overall length – Depending upon grip and hand size, penetration at 2.5″)
  • 10″ Double RazorDagger Specs: 1.25″ Wide x .062 Thick – Duel Points – Quad Edged (10″ is the overall length – Depending upon grip and hand size, penetration at 3.0″)

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