Double RazorDagger 9" or 10"

BeltDagger – 9″-10″ Double RazorDagger

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DRD – Single Weapon Deployment – Safety Sheath System – Click Video Link

Double RazorDagger – Two Opposing Points – Handle in Center

  • Double RazorDagger – Easy to Use…But Not Safe for Untrained Personnel – This is the first practical and totally concealed edged weapon system with opposing twin (2x) needle nose points and four (4x) razor sharp edges. (Handle / grip is in the middle; located between the two points) Since the handle is centered between the twin points and four edges, and because the Double RazorDagger is an omnidirectional weapon system; a disarm is extremely difficult.  Depending upon the weapon size of either 9″ long or 10″ long; you will have from 2.5-inches to 3-inches of penetration from each Double RazorDagger point. The weapon design makes this system very lethal and difficult to defeat in a close quarter battle. (Since your hand is at the center of the fulcrum; this will give you increased control, greater leverage, and better weapon retention from a stronger grip and better placed grip) The Double RazorDagger is a “Body Contour Weapon System” that curves slightly; conforming to the human torso for a perfect fit.  DRD is concealed around your waist area under your belt; this weapon system has easy instant access with sub-second deployment under stress.
  • Belt for the BeltDagger Weapon System – The Double RazorDagger System was designed to be totally adaptable for secure retention onto any belt that you may own.  Due to this, our 100% genuine cowhide leather belts are available upon request for an additional fee.  All of our belts are custom made; you will find it very difficult to find a heavy-duty extra-thick leather belt of this quality.
  • General Overview – The 9″ & 10″ Double RazorDagger (DRD 9″ & 10″ is the Weapons Overall Length) The DRD is retained with Velcro at about 12 o’clock front and center.  As your belt runs through your belt loops; DRD is “safely hidden with a system for secure retention”.  DRD is concealed on the inside of any leather, nylon, or tactical belt.  The DRD is totally hidden and concealed inside our specially designed and reinforced nylon Safety Sheath.
    • Deployment – The Double RazorDagger Weapon System is designed for fast and easy access.  A simple twist of the belt exposes the handle for a “one handed sweep & release”; guaranteeing sub-second deployment.  The DRD is capable of an instant counter strike; with a powerful cut or thrust.  From the outside of the belt, and even with a standard “pat down and search”; it is near impossible to determine that a 9″ or 10″ Double RazorDagger is being hidden under your belt.  Even metal sensing wands find it very difficult to detect the Double RazorDagger; due to the combination of the Double RazorDaggers low metallic signature, and sensory obstruction from your metal belt buckle.
  • Verbose –Yes, we could use a lot less words describing our products; however, as design engineers we have a penchant for detail, and perfection.
  • Double RazorDagger – DRD is just like all other RazorDagger variants that have the “Enhanced Stealth Curvature“; they are some of the most lethal concealed edged weapons on the planet. The 9″ & 10″ long Double RazorDagger (DRD), including its variants: are the only Large Fixed Blade Knives in the World that can be hidden and concealed from most pat-down searches.  Again, the Double RazorDagger Weapon System allows for instant easy access and sub-second deployment under stress.  (The original and first standard Tactical RazorDagger was designed for, and at the request of, elite undercover drug enforcement agents here in the U.S.)
  • Design Benefits – Double RazorDaggers are lighter, faster, thinner, and more lethal than other knives of the same size. The Enhanced Stealth Curvature increases lethality with larger internal wound cavitation…similar to a hollow point bullet. (For the DRD, additional increases in lethality come from twin needle nose points and four razor sharp edges) This special blade will out-perform other knifes in the same size category. The ability to alter the blades curvature to enhance stealth, while “in the field”, is a world’s first in edged weapon technology and engineering. The actual physical characteristics of the DRD “blade curvature” is adjustable as often as needed.  Some special operators have referred to this revolutionary design as the “ShapeShifting Blade”…a blade that can completely alter its shape, and adapt to ever changing operational conditions.
    • (Important Note: All RazorDaggers are made of solid piece of unbreakable high carbon spring steel; you will never need to worry about the point, tip, or blade breaking. However, this is not true of our competitors and their stainless-steel knife blades.  Stainless-steel knives have a serious flaw…their blades, points, and tips are extremely brittle, and easy to break.  (Each and every blade designed and manufactured by the RazorRazor Company is guaranteed for life against catastrophic failure…even the tip)
  • Package Description – Double RazorDagger – This package includes one Double RazorDagger and two Safety Sheaths.  The two Safety Sheaths cover both points of the weapon.  The Double RazorDagger is an omnidirectional weapon system; designed with knife fighters and martial arts experts in mind.  The DRD has a powerful handle/blade that is 1.25-inches wide at the center. It tapers into (2x) twin needle nose penetrating Tanto type points, and (4x) four razor-sharp edges.
  • Package Options – You may purchase either the 9-inch DRD or the 10-inch DRD; you may also purchase multiple DRD’s in the same length or mix the 9″ and 10″ for different lengths…allowing for different length combinations.  Two Double RazorDaggers may be “Double Stacked” so you may deploy one DRD for each hand.  (Double Stacked – Two DRD’s stacked one on top of the other, and deployed at the same time – Ask us about the Staggered Auto Separation Sheath)
  • Safety Sheath for Double RazorDagger – In this package the Safety Sheath will cover the two sharp tips of Double RazorDagger – it is the most basic and easiest “Sheath Containment System” to use.  The Safety Sheath is made from reinforced nylon and Velcro Hook material.  Lightweight flexible Velcro Stick-Back adheres to a Nylon inner sheath – Steel staples reinforced.
  • Double RazorDagger – Design & Purpose – The Double RazorDagger was originally designed for knife fighters and Martial Arts Professionals.  Although not originally intended for military or law enforcement; the DRD meets the zero compromise criteria imposed by covert operations for total concealment, instant easy access, and sub-second deployment under stress.
  • Body Contour Weapon System – Fixed blade weapon system – comfortable to wear – fits contour of human anatomy – blade and handle curvature is easily adjustable for your needs…to fit your specific anatomy.
  • Needle Nose Penetrating Tip – Combining a modified Tanto needle nose penetrating point, with razor-sharp hardened high carbon spring steel…makes for superior cutting, thrusting, and penetration.
  • Blade Blades are sold “Double Edge Sharp” unless instructed otherwise.  Due to the blade curvature and the orientation to the target – “Double-Edge Sharp” is highly recommended as it increases the options regarding angle of attack to the target.  (Extreme Caution Advised: The quad razor-sharp edges, with needle nose penetrating points, makes this is an extremely dangerous weapon system for untrained personnel)
  • Double RazorDagger Blade Material – The DRD is made of 1095 High Carbon Spring Steel; we use high-tech computer-controlled systems that constantly monitor and accurately measure the heat treating and tempering process.  The 1095 High Carbon Spring Steel enables our blades to be considered nearly indestructible; with a lifetime guarantee against catastrophic failure…including the tip of the weapon.
  • Instructions – Use, Installation and Deployment

Double RazorDagger Specifications – Sold near Razor-Sharp

  • 9” Double RazorDagger Specs: 1.25” Wide x .062 Thick – 2.125 Ounces – Duel Points – Quad Edged (9″ is the overall length – Depending upon grip and hand size, penetration is about 2.5″)
  • 10″ Double RazorDagger Specs: 1.25″ Wide x .062 Thick – 2.5 Ounces – Duel Points – Quad Edged (10″ is the overall length – Depending upon grip and hand size, penetration at 3.0″)
  • Double RazorDagger Detailed Specs:
    • Twin Points with Quad Edges – handle located in the center of the twin opposing points
    • Body Contour Weapon System – Designed for Every Day Carry & Stealth
    • Blade Curvature is Adjustable for Changing Operational Conditions
    • Light, Thin, and Fast – Out Cuts Typical Heavy Tactical Knives
    • 9″ Option and 10″ Option – Length Overall
    • Handle: Full Tang
    • Weight: About 2.5 Ounces
    • 1.25″ Wide Grip/Handle (Maximum Grip Width)
    • .062″ Thick Blade
    • 1.25″ Wide Sheath
    • Twin Needle Nose “Tanto Variant” Penetrating Points
    • 3″ Max Penetration – Depending upon Grip and Compression
    • Double RazorDagger – Two Points and Four Edges: The twin points expand the options to target acquisition. Compared to a standard knife; you have double the options for targeting…with a simultaneous forward and reverse grip.  The twin tips and four razor-sharp edges make a disarm more difficult.

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