Law Enforcement Baton - RazorBaton 28", 29", 30"

2. BeltBaton – RazorBaton – Laminated Heavy Weight


IMPORTANT! RazorBaton must be 4 to 5 inches smaller than waist size – measure through belt loops with cloth tape measure or string for size! Add to purchase? – Go to MENU then PURCHASE

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Law Enforcement Baton – RazorBaton Laminated Heavyweight Video Link

Law Enforcement Baton System – RazorBaton – Video Link

Law Enforcement Baton (LEB) – RazorBaton Heavyweight

  • Extremely Important – Waist Measurement 
    • Your pants and/or belt size DO NOT give an accurate measurement for the “Belt Containment System”.  Please measure through your belt loops with either a cloth tape measure or string.  (Mark string to measure against a ruler).
    • For Best results, it is IMPORTANT…while measuring through your belt loops, you also wear an undershirt and a heavier “denim like” shirt.  (This combination will give us your Maximum Outside Waist Measurement “MOWM”)
    • Your MOWM (Maximum Outside Waist Measurement) must be a minimum of 4-5 inches greater than the length of the RazorBaton you ordered.  If you intend to use the system as your Every Day Carry; a MOWM of 6-7 inches greater than the RazorBaton length is recommended.
  • RazorBaton Laminated Blade – A totally hidden system; concealed inside a normal looking belt. Inside our patented “Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System”  RazorBatons are designed to be more flexible and slightly heavier than the ApexBatons.  RazorBatons are shorter than ApexBatons.  (The ApexBaton behavies more like an APEX RazorSword…only with a rounded tip)
  • Package Description – This package includes one heavy-duty 100% leather belt, one Quick-Draw “Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System”, one heavyweight RazorBaton, one notched screw driver, and instructions.
  • Less Than Lethal Tool –  The Law Enforcement Baton – aka Laminated Heavyweight RazorBaton; is designed as a “less than lethal” tool for law enforcement and civilian protection.  The laminates give the RazorBaton much more power than the ineffective collapsible baton. The RazorBaton is 1.5″ wide, and the spring steel is specially tempered.
  • RazorBaton Package Options – 28″ Double Laminate,  29″ Double Laminate,  and 30″ Double Laminate.  All systems include  one Heavyweight RazorBaton per package.
  • Law Enforcement Baton (LEB) – RazorBaton – In this package you may deploy one Heavyweight RazorBaton with either a forward or reverse grip. The Heavyweight RazorBaton has greater striking power than the hollow collapsible baton. The RazorBaton is designed to be much faster to deploy than the collapsible baton.
  • Belt Loop Sizing: Your belt loops need to be absolutely no less than 2.0” – 2.25″ inside height to allow the system to pass easily through your belt loops. If your belt loops are too small; a tailor can easily increase the inside height of your belt loops. (There is material “left over” at both ends of most belt loops to increase their height) Your two front belt loops are never threaded with the belt containment system – so they are not affected. See videos!
  • Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System – The Quick-Draw Containment System is a patented design that allows for sub-second deployment of the RazorBaton. It is a very simple system to learn and use.
  • Law Enforcement Baton – General Information – The Law Enforcement Baton (LEB) – Heavyweight RazorBaton was developed to be very comfortable to wear for very long periods of time; as such it very flexible and is much less rigid than some of the laminated RazorSwords. Eskrima Martial Arts (Philippine stick fighting) is the recommended training system; once you master the control of the very flexible LEB it is as easy to use as a rigid baton or rigid Eskrima stick.
  • Designed for Law Enforcement – The LEB was designed at the request of elite law enforcement.  Many law enforcement personnel have described how ineffective the collapsible baton may be; especially in cold weather where a perpetrator is likely to wear thick clothing.  The LEB/RazorBaton is capable of consistent sub-second deployment under stress, and will strike a target in one fluid motion.  You can literally “deploy and strike” a target in the same instant.
  • Deployment – A simple twist of your belt will instantly deploy the RazorBaton downward and out; with either a forward or reverse grip.  Consistant sub-second deployment under stress.
  • Body Contour System – The RazorBaton is “auto-adjusting”; it automatically fits the “body-contour” for your specific anatomy.
  • RazorBaton – 1075/1095 specially tempered high carbon spring steel; this is the secret to the RazorBaton and its indestructible reputation. The tip of the RazorBaton is rounded as a “less than lethal” tool. The hard thin carbon steel delivers massive kinetic energy to incapacitate a perpetrator.
  • Instructions Include  Installation, Deployment, and System Care.

Law Enforcement Baton – System Package Contains

  • RazorBaton – (One baton) 1075/1095 specially tempered high carbon spring steel
  • Leather Belt – 100% pure top grain cowhide leather – heavy duty – extra thick
  • Containment System  – Lightweight Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System
  • Notched Flat Head Screw Driver – Special notched screw driver allow for easy installation of barrel nuts.
  • Hardware and Instructions – Containment system hardware & instructions

RazorBaton Specifications – Laminated – Rounded Safety Edge

  • 28” RazorBaton Specs: 1.5” Wide x .064″ Thick @ 14 Ounces (Light Heavy Weight – Double Laminate)  The 28″ RazorBaton is designed for small waist sizes; typically 31″, 32″, or 33″ waist size
  • 29” RazorBaton Specs: 1.5” Wide x .064″ Thick @ 14.2 Ounces (Light Heavy Weight – Double Laminate)  For waist sizes 34″ and above
  • 30” RazorBaton Specs: 1.5” Wide x .064″ Thick @ 14.4 Ounces (Light Heavy Weight – Double Laminate)  For waist sizes 34″ and above
  • 31″ and 33″ RazorBatons are available upon special request.  The 31″ is Heavy-Weight Class Weapon the 33″ is a Super Heavy-Weight Class Weapon.
  • 31″ RazorBaton for waist sizes 36″ and above – Available Upon Request
  • 33″ RazorBaton for waist sizes 38″ and above – Available Upon Request

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