2.5" Wide RazorMachete

BeltMachete – RazorMachete 2.5″ Wide

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IMPORTANT! RazorMachete must be 4-5 inches smaller than waist size.  Click on “Drop Down Boxes” for Size & Pricing… – Powder Coating Protects Blade

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2.5″ Wide Razor Machete – Concealed – Survival

    • Overview – Easy to Use with Some Practice – The 2.75″ wide BeltMachete, is a containment system for the 2.5″ wide by 28″ to 32″ long RazorMachete cutting and tactical tool.  The RazorMachete encircles your waist in comfort; it is concealed inside a black Nylon Tactical Battle Belt as it “rides” at or above your belt line. (Padded Battle Belt Optional) The RazorMachete is totally hidden and concealed, and “safely secured/retained” inside our patented belt containment system…known as a Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System. Taking the belt off is the recommended method to safely remove a sharp RazorMachete; however well trained LE/MIL can simply twist the belt releasing the handle…deploying the complete RazorMachete in one sub-second fluid motion.  From the outside, the “Belt and Containment System” appears to be a normal tactical battle belt.
    • Verbose – Yes, we could use a lot less words describing our products; however, as design engineers we have a penchant for detail, and perfection.
    • IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ Important for a correct Fit – The 2.75″ wide nylon BeltMachete System is designed for the secure retention of the 2.5″ wide RazorMachete blade, and is a very comfortable system to wear.  The total length of the RazorMachete needs to be a minimum of 4″-5″ less than the measurement around your waist or torso area.  Your waist/torso measurement should be taken where you intend to wear the BeltMachete System.  (The 2.75″ wide nylon BeltMachete System will also easily accommodate the 2.0″ wide or the 1.5″ wide APEX RazorMachete)
    • Military Application – MOLLE Padded Battle Belt – The BeltMachete System integrates perfectly with any of the padded battle belt options.  The introduction of the RazorMachete into a padded battle belt will give the belt greater support and increased comfort for load-bearing MOLLE Systems; distributing the weight more evenly…yet taking advantage of the natural elastic comfort derived from a flexible spring steel blade. (Not too tight…not too loose) If we were to combine a Kevlar padded battle belt with a spring steel RazorMachete; this would add another level of ballistic protection where typical body armor does not cover.
    • Torso Area Defined – Placement of BeltMachete: First determine the location on your waist or torso area; exactly where you intend to secure the “BeltMachete System/Tactical Battle Belt” to your person. Since the “BeltMachete/Tactical Battle Belt” does not run through your belt loops; you will need to measure the MAXIMUM girth / dimension around your torso or waist area.  Your maximum girth dimension will depend upon your choice for the final location of the BeltMachete System, and the type of clothing you would typically wear. (For best results, measure with a cloth tape measure or string…if a string, mark off string and measure string against a ruler) If you intend to wear the BeltMachete System over coats or heavy winter clothing; you must take that maximum measurement, or you will literally come up short. 
      • There is no “right or wrong” location to place the BeltMachete System.  Example: LE/MIL may wear the BeltMachete/Tactical Battle Belt at belt level, and over another belt or inner belt; while civilians may find the soft area of the waist (Just above the belt line) more comfortable, and convenient.
      • The wider nylon Tactical Battle Belts at 2.75″; may be more comfortable to wear than the narrow 1.65″ wide leather belt.  Some find that wearing the wide Nylon Tactical Battle belt just above the belt-line area of the waist to be more comfortable.  However, the 1.65″ wide leather belt; is the only concealable BeltMachete System capable of going through belt-loops.     (The 2.75″ Battle Belt DOES NOT go through belt loops)
      • If you prefer a totally concealed and hidden BeltMachete system; that looks like a normal leather belt… please review our 1.5″ wide APEX RazorMachete… with the 1.65″ wide leather belt and containment system.
    • 2.5″ RazorMachete – Survival / Tactical – The 2.5″ wide Heavy Weight Class RazorMachete may look like a “typical” machete; but looks are deceiving. This is where “typical” ends and the “Future of large concealed Edged Weapons and Tools begin”.  This large RazorMachete is not only totally concealed; but is a superior cutting/survival tool as well…that will out-perform other machetes with effortless / fatiqueless cutting.  Even while under the most severe and treacherous conditions; our patented BeltMachete Containment System…is guaranteed to ensure the RazorMachete’s safe and secure retention…preventing the accidental deployment, loss or separation from this indispensable tool.
    • 2.5″ Wide RazorMachete Heavy Weight – Skill Level Defined – The 2.5″ wide Heavy Weight Class RazorMachete takes slightly more skill (Intermediate skill level) to use than the 2″ wide Middle Weight Class blade. The 2.5″ blade is wider, heavier and more rigid than the 2″ Middle Weight…making the 2.5″ blade more difficult use, and more difficult to bend and secure inside the containment system.  (See weight classifications at bottom of page) Because this blade is heavier and more rigid; it is rated for an intermediate skill level.  We recommend some experience…”someone that has had regular field work” clearing vegetation with machete type tools.
    • Cutting Ability – Heavy Weight RazorMachete – The 2.5″ Heavy Weight RazorMachete is designed as a mono-blade; available in lengths of 28″, 30″, and 32″.  Special orders regarding other length options will be evaluated upon request.  Blade length, weight, and thickness are compared at the bottom of this page.
      • 28″ to 32″ – Heavy Weight Class:  The 2.5″-wide Heavy Weight Class RazorMachete is designed with the same blade thickness as the Middle Weight Blades (.042″).  The 2.50″ RazorMachete is 25% wider and thus 25% heavier. It is more than the “Medium Duty” series. However, we do not wish to label it as “Heavy Duty”; because the blade is thinner than the APEX RazorMachete series.
      • Heavy Weight Class – Task Specific:  The 2.5″ wide Heavy Weight Class RazorMachete is not designed to cut down large trees like an axe; the 2.5″ RazorMachete will easily cut very small trees, saplings, branches, heavy jungle or forest foliage, heavy thickets, brush, and 95% of what the average camper, hiker, or survivalists will encounter.  Although described as a heavy-weight; at 13 to 16 ounces, the 2.5″ blade is a real “energy saver”.  This RazorMachete will help conserve your energy and increase your endurance when cutting foliage for many hours.
    • Tool & Weapon – With a sharp blade and proper training; the 2.5″-wide RazorMachete can be a formidable tactical cutting weapon.  However, it is not a thrusting weapon with the 45-degree angle point.  With an optional 21-degree angle needle nose point…keeping the overall length under 30″; the 2.5″ wide RazorMachete is capable of thrusting.
    • Concealment, and Belt Options:  The standard 2.5″-wide RazorMachete is totally concealed in our patented 2.75″ wide specially designed military / tactical nylon battle belt. All belt systems encircle your waist in comfort; with our patented “Flexible Linked Containment Rail System”.
    • Handle Width Options – All RazorMachete handles/grips are 1.5″ wide; but handles widths may be specially ordered at 1.25″ for smaller hands. (Extra cost for custom manufactured handle) We do not recommend reducing the handle width of the longer 32″ RazorMachete.  The 32″ machete needs a 1.5″ wide handle/grip; this is needed to support the weight of the longer blade.
    •  Belt Loops: You do not wear the 2.75″ BeltMachete System through your belt loops.  The tactical battle belt may be worn at the “belt-line” over an existing belt or with an inner belt similar to a police duty-belt.  The BeltMachete system (Tactical 2.25″ or 2.75″ nylon Battle Belt) may also be worn at the “soft tissue waist area” just above the “belt line area” of the torso…either on the outside of your shirt, on the outside of your jacket, or on the outside of a heavy coat.
    • Flexible Linked Containment Rail System – Containment clips MUST cover the entire sharp edge of the RazorMachete.  If you wish to achieve sub-second deployments; you may need to “dull” part of the sharp edge…this will reduce the number of containment clips needed in the system…increasing deployment speed.  Limiting the number of containment clips will reduce resistance…allowing sub-second deployments. (Important: Limiting the number of containment clips may also reduce the secure retention of the RazorMachete and its sharp blade.  It will then be mandatory to install the “L-Clip” which will secure the handle and eliminate an accidental RazorMachete release)
    • Body Contour System – If fitted properly, the BeltMachete is an “auto-adjusting” system; within reason the BeltMachete System conforms to the “contour” of your specific anatomy and body type.
    • Blade – Blades sold “not sharp” for liability reasons.  (Training and practice with a dull blade are an absolute necessity – training with a sharp blade may cause serious injury, or death) Sharpening information and services are provided in e-mails after purchase.
    • “Katana Curve” – The RazorMachete was designed with a very slight “Katana Curve”.  Our proprietary “Katana Curve” is unique to our design; while holding the sharp edge of the RazorMachete blade down (Towards earth)…the RazorMachete blade curves very slightly from “left to right”…rather than “up & down” as in the Japanese Katana.

2.5″ RazorMachete Specifications – Sold Not Sharp

Heavy Weight Class

  • 28″ RazorMachete – Light Heavy Weight Class Specs2.5″ Wide x .042″ Thick @ 13 Ounces
  • 30″ RazorMachete – Heavy Weight Class Specs: 2.5″ Wide x .042″ Thick @ 14.4 Ounces
  • 32″ RazorMachete – Heavy Weight Class Specs: 2.5″ Wide x .042″ Thick @ 15.6 Ounces
  • Heavy Weight Class is a relative term; RazorRazor Company weight classes are not a good comparison to other competing machetes.  A RazorMachete heavy weight may be lighter than other machetes available on the market.  However, the RazorMachete is “Long, Light, Thin and Fast” as compared to other machetes.  Thus, the RazorMachete will out-perform our competition. 

BeltMachete Survival System Package Contains

  • RazorMachete, Belt, Containment System & Hardware are All Included in the Purchase – See Below
  • 2.5″ Wide RazorMachete (One machete – not sharp) – 1075/1095 specially tempered high carbon spring steel
  • Choose Length, Weight Class, and Coating from Drop Down List
    • 28″ Light Heavy Weight Class .042″ thick mono-blade (Choose “Bare Metal” or “Black Powder Coat”)
    • 30″ Heavy Weight Class .042″ thick mono-blade (Choose “Bare Metal” or “Black Powder Coat”
    • 32″ Heavy Weight Class .042″ thick mono-blade (Choose “Bare Metal” or “Black Powder Coat”
  • Side Release Buckle – Triple Cop Lock is Standard – 100% Acetal military grade plastic material.  (The Cobra 100% aluminum buckle is available upon request at an additional cost)
  • Containment System – Lightweight Flexible Linked Containment Rail System. (Patented)
  • Notched Tool for Slotted Barrel Nut – Special notched custom tool; allows for easy installation and removal of barrel nuts that hold the containment clips to the belt.
  • Hardware and Instructions – Containment system hardware & instructions.
  • Guaranteed for Life Against Catastrophic Failure – Highest quality 1075/1095 high carbon spring steel; has allowed the RazorMachete to attain a near indestructible reputation.
  • Military Style – 2.75″ Wide Tactical Belt & Cop Lock Buckle – Image Below – 100% Nylon – heavy duty – extra thick nylon.  The 2.75″ wide tactical web-belt works with the 1.5″-wide, 2.0″-wide & 2.5″-wide RazorMachete Blade.

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Tactical Belt

TACTICAL BELT and COP LOCK BUCKLE – Containment System with Inner Sheath

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