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1. LIKET Baton 8″ & 10″ (Hammer)

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Liket Baton – “Low Impact Kinetic Energy Tool”

  • The Hammer – Why nickname it “The Hammer”; due to its slightly forward canted design, and because it has the “hit of a hammer”.  LIKET, an acronym for Low Impact Kinetic Energy Tool.  To be effective all LIKET needs is a “Low Impact” strike, or in other words…a “Light Tap”…from this light tap the LIKET has the near power-strike of a hammer. This is the reason our Low Impact tool will gain immediate compliance.  Add to it the Stinger option, and you have one of the most effective compliance tools in the world.  (LIKET or not…they will comply)
  • Item Description – Left to Right: LIKET Stinger Baton 8.75″ – LIKET Stinger Baton 10.125″ // LIKET Baton Standard 8.75″ – LIKET Baton Standard 10.125″
  • LiketBaton “Shorty” – The LIKET is crafted from 100% solid Stainless Steel; it is designed as an “energy multiplier” that delivers high kinetic energy to the target with greatly reduced physical effort.  LIKET is manufactured in lengths of 8.75″ or 10.125″. (10.125″ is abbreviated as 10″ in purchase “Drop Down” LIKET is easy to conceal in a pants pocket or purse, or can be made visible in a belt side pouch…and perfect for Molle gear allowing for very fast deployments.  (8.75″ LIKET is recommended for pocket concealment) LIKET quality is beyond compare; the 100% solid stainless steel is coated with a grayish/black finish…the surface or substrates will never rust, pit, or degrade…virtually indestructible.
  • Package Options LIKET Variants – LIKET 10.125″ is abbreviated as 10″ in purchase area “Drop Down”.  LIKET comes in six variants –
    • 8.75″ Standard Weight 13.5 oz.
    • 8.75″ Heavy Weight 17 oz.
    • 8.75″ Stinger – Standard Weight 13.5 oz.
    • 10.125″ Standard Weight 15 oz.
    • 10.125″ Heavy Weight 18.5 oz.
    • 10.125″ Stinger – Standard Weight 15 oz.
  • Standard LIKET vs. Stinger LIKET – The standard LIKET has a slightly larger striking surface area of between 3/8″ side-width for standard-weight and 1/2″ side-width for heavy-weight.  The LIKET Stinger has a very thin striking surface area of only 1/8″ side-width – this creates a very thin “almost blade like” striking area; concentrating all of the massive kinetic energy onto one very small thin surface area.  The Stinger striking surface is similar to the renowned and extremely painful thin edge of the Philippine Nerve Stick – but the LIKET Stinger is 100% solid heavy stainless steel…not a light stick!
  • LIKET “Low Impact Kinetic Energy Tool” – LIKET is a Low Impact Kinetic Energy Tool because there is no need to use a lot of physical effort in a strike to gain compliance from a perpetrator.  Even a medium tap will halt aggressive behavior; this is due to the tools “hammer like” weighted top-end…that is slightly “canted forward”, and the LIKETs’ 90-degree angle on all striking edges.  The striking portion is a “squared off 90-degree edge”; the 90-degree edge concentrates all of the kinetic energy (All on one point with massive pressure) to a tiny impact area…extremely effective with very limited force.  If you wish to add even more energy to your strike; consider the LIKET Stinger; with its thin “blade like” 90-degree edge.
  • Package Description – This package includes one LIKET Baton, with instructions.  Since many people place the LIKET Baton into their pocket or purse; the corresponding pouch is an optional purchase from the above drop-down.
  • Less Than Lethal Tool – The LIKET Law Enforcement Baton – is designed as a “less than lethal” tool for law enforcement and civilian protection.  The “top-heavy” hammer effect of the LIKET delivers much more power than the ineffective collapsible baton.  LIKET is 1.5″ wide, and made of 100% solid stainless steel with a grayish/black oxide coating.
  • Designed for Law Enforcement by Law Enforcement – the LIKET and its variants were designed with the assistance of elite law enforcement and a counter terror training team from Chicago…which trains law enforcement on a global basis.  Many law enforcement personnel have described how ineffective the collapsible baton may be; especially in cold weather where a perpetrator is likely to wear thick and heavy clothing…and/or under a controlled substance…the strike energy from a collapsible baton may be absorbed and thus will fail to gain compliance…risking officer safety. With videos cameras everywhere; the last thing an officer needs…swinging a long “bat like object”…looking like Babe Ruth hitting a home run.  The LIKET is discreet; a “medium short strike” is enough to gain compliance.  (No worries about a collapsible baton failure to extend, and the LIKET is very difficult to disarm as compared to a long baton.  (Most encounters are CQB; in which a long tool will be ineffective)
  • Deployment – Most deployments of the LIKET Baton will come from a pocket, purse, belt pouch, Molle vest or Molle gear.  The LIKET handle is made with Velcro that allows for easy attachment to Molle type systems, with an extremely fast deployment.

Law Enforcement LiketBaton – System Package Contains

  • LiketBaton – (One baton) 100% solid stainless steel – coated with a grayish/black oxide
  • Nylon Belt Pouch – Optional Purchase from drop down above.
  • Instructions – E-mailed Instructions
  • Molle Gear Not Included – But LIKET handle is made with Velcro hook, and is a perfect “drop-in” system for any Molle vest or related Molle gear!

LiketBaton Specifications – Black Stainless Steel – 90 Degree Edges

  • 8.75″ LiketBaton Standard Weight Tool: 8.75″ Long x 1.5″ Wide x 3/8″ Thick – Total Weight @ 13.5 Ounces
  • 8.75″ LiketBaton Heavy-Weight Tool: 8.75″ Long x 1.5″ Wide x 1/2″ Thick – Total Weight @ 17.0 Ounces
  • 8.75″ Stinger LiketBaton Standard Weight Tool: 8.75″ Long x 1.5″ Wide x 1/2″ Thick – Total Weight @ 13.50 Ounces (Stinger’s 1/8″ ultra-thin striking edge concentrates massive kinetic energy into the target)
  • 10.125″ LiketBaton Standard Weight Tool: 10.125″ x 1.5″ Wide x 3/8″ Thick – Total Weight @ 15.0 Ounces
  • 10.125″ LiketBaton Heavy-Weight Tool: 10.125″ Long x 1.5″ Wide x 1/2″ Thick – Total Weight @ 18.5 Ounces
  • 10.125″ Stinger Standard Weight Tool: 10.125″ Long x 1.5″ Wide x 1/2″ Thick x 1/2″ – Total Weight @ 15.0 Ounces (Stinger’s 1/8″ ultra-thin striking edge concentrates massive kinetic energy into the target)
  • 8.75″ LiketBaton is a recommended better choice for “Pocket Concealment” than the 10.125″ LIKET 
  • LIKET 10.125″ is abbreviated as 10″ in “Drop Down” purchase area above!

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