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3. BeltBaton – APEX RazorBaton – Ultra High Performance

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IMPORTANT! APEX RazorBaton must be 4-6 inches smaller than waist size.  Click on “Drop Down Boxes” for Size & Pricing…

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 APEX RazorBaton – Ultra High Performance – Law Enforcement Baton

  • Overview – Easy to Use with Practice – Some Training is Recommended – The BeltBaton System is the containment system for the APEX RazorBaton, and works well for all weight classes.  The APEX RazorBaton Middle Weight is 1.5″ wide by 32″, 33″, or 34″ long, and encircles your waist in total comfort.  The APEX Baton is concealed/contained inside a black leather belt, as it goes through your belt loops.  The APEX RazorBaton is totally hidden and concealed, and “safely secured/retained” inside our patented belt containment system…also known as a “Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System”.  From the outside, the “Belt and Containment System” looks like a normal casual black leather belt.  (Note: Longer and Heavier APEX RazorBatons are available; as well as shorter Laminated RazorBatons.  Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your options 414-333-3300 / CEO@RazorRazor.com)
  • Verbose – Yes, we could use a lot less words describing our products; however, as engineers we have a penchant for detail, and perfection.
  • IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ – Important for a Correct Fit – The total length of the RazorBaton needs to be a minimum of 4″-5″ less than your waist size (A 6″-7″ difference may add to a more comfortable fit for EDC – Every Day Carry).
  • Waist Measurement – How to Measure – To obtain your correct waist measurement; please measure through you belt loops while wearing a heavier “denim like shirt” and undershirt. You must measure through your belt loops with a cloth tape measure or string…if using a string, mark off the string and measure the string against another ruler.  Pants and belt sizes DO NOT give us an accurate measurement for the Containment System. 
  • How to Wear the BeltBaton System? The BeltBaton is generally worn through your belt loops; however, only “threaded” through your back and side belt loops.  You will not wear the BeltBaton System through your front belt loops; as this would compromise access and make a sub-second deployment impossible.  (It is possible to wear the BeltBaton above the belt line; around the soft area of the waist.  You would need a shirt or jacket to cover the belt to maintain concealability)
  • Belt Loop Sizing: Your belt loops need to be absolutely no less than 2.0” – 2.25″ inside height to allow the system to pass easily through your belt loops. If your belt loops are too small; a tailor can easily increase the inside height of your belt loops. (Note: There is material “left over” at both ends of most belt loops to increase their height; a tailor can easily increase the belt loop height) Your two front belt loops are never threaded with the belt containment system – so they are not affected, and there is no need to adjust their size. See videos!
  • Small Waist Sizes & Optional Shorter Laminated Baton If you are searching for a shorter RazorBaton…less than the 32″ APEX RazorBaton; please see the 25”, 26″, 27″, 28″, 29″, and 30″ RazorBaton Laminated Middle to Light Heavy Weight Class – (T see this review click on RazorBaton – Laminated Heavy Weight hyperlink) The Laminated RazorBatons are short and flexible enough to fit smaller waist sizes in total comfort. The Laminated RazorBatons are easy to use and very easy to secure; they are more flexible…making laminated RazorBaton’s easier to conceal and very comfortable to wear.
  • APEX BeltBaton Construction – Concealed Body Contour System – The 0.050″ thick APEX RazorBaton is totally hidden, and concealed inside a comfortable “auto-adjusting” containment system.  Within reason, the containment system automatically fits the “body-contour” of your specific anatomy.  The BeltBaton System is the combination of three distinct parts…
    1. A Heavy-duty 1.65″ wide normal looking leather belt…
    2. The “Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System…consisting of a series of containment clips, secured to the inside of a leather or tactical belt…
    3. The APEX RazorBaton; made from 1075/1095 high quality flexible spring steel with thin rounded edges and a rounded tip. The RazorBaton is nearly indestructible due to a state-of-the-art computerized tempering process.
  • BeltBaton System The BeltBaton is designed not only for concealment; but for the safe, secure, and comfortable retention of the 1.5″ wide APEX RazorBaton. APEX is designed to be more rigid, yet slightly lighter and faster than the Laminated RazorBatons.  APEX RazorBatons are generally slightly longer than the Laminated RazorBatons.
  • Deployment and Target Strike The deployment and Target Strike is sub-second under stress. The deployment and strike should be one instant fluid motion; if not, review installation, or contact RazorRazor for support. (Handle deployment is “downward…springing down and out…into your hand”) The Apex Predator Series is an Ultra-High-Performance Mono-Blade that is specially heat-treated and tempered in high-tech computerized facilities.
  • APEX RazorBaton – Beginner to Expert – APEX can be the perfect RazorBaton for even the beginner; we recommend “the beginner” to be in reasonably good physical condition.  That said, even the baton expert will find that the .050″ APEX has the right balance between rigidness and flexibility to be an excellent tool to gain compliance and stop a threat.  With some practice, the .050″ APEX is easy to control during deployment, and relatively easy to “bend and secure” into the “Flexible Linked Containment Rail System”.  (If you are a non-athletic novice and also lack baton or Eskrima training; you may wish to consider the Laminated RazorBaton in 25″ to 30″)
  • Attributes & DifferencesThe Apex Predator Series is the preferred RazorBaton for the true martial arts professional or expert; those that wish to have the near perfect EDC – Every Day Carry option.  The APEX RazorBaton is constructed of 1075/1095 specially tempered high carbon spring steel; this is the secret to this Baton’s indestructible reputation.  The APEX RazorBaton’s edge has similar properties to that of the famous Philippine Nerve Stick. (Used in Eskrima…the Philippine martial art of stick fighting) APEX has a hard-thin spring steel edge…the thin edge is rounded for police and civilian application.  The kinetic energy from the APEX edge; is many-many more times more powerful than a strike from the wide round collapsible baton, or wide round rigid police baton, nightstick, or PR-24.
  • Compare the APEX Baton to a Collapsible Baton Although the APEX Middle Weight Baton may be lighter than some round police batons; the thin edge is faster, longer, and delivers much greater kinetic energy to target, and is the clear winner of this simple physics lesson. The APEX RazorBaton has a unique dual purpose.
    1. First as a non-lethal impact tool; it will easily incapacitate, and/or create compliance from a non-cooperating dangerous subject.
    2. Second, APEX can be transitioned into a formidable offensive weapon system (Against a lethal perpetrator). By using powerful Eskrima striking techniques; the kinetic energy from the ultra-fast edge of APEX…will act similar to a sword…without the razor-sharp cutting edge…delivering massive kinetic energy even through heavy winter clothing.
  • Less than Lethal Tool – Protecting Law Enforcement – The Law Enforcement Baton – aka APEX Predator Series – APEX RazorBaton; is designed as a “less than lethal” tool for law enforcement and civilian protection. The system is designed to instantly deploy one ultra-fast APEX RazorBaton / Law Enforcement Baton with either a forward or reverse grip.
    1. Striking Power – The solid spring steel APEX RazorBaton has greater striking power than the hollow collapsible baton used by numerous law enforcement departments. The APEX RazorBaton is also much faster to deploy than a collapsible baton.
    2. Failure is Not an Option – A collapsible baton may fail to fully extend and lock into place; risking the life of the user. Many law enforcement personnel have described how ineffective the collapsible baton may be; especially in cold weather, where a perpetrator is likely to wear thick heavy clothing…again failing to gain compliance. The rounded collapsible baton may fail to protect; a collapsible baton is much easier to grab, disarm, and use against the very people that have placed themselves in harm’s way to serve and protect.
  • Package Description –This package includes one heavy-duty 100% Top Grain cowhide leather belt, one Quick-Draw “Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System”, one Ultra High-Performance APEX RazorBaton, one notched tool for slotted barrel nuts, all hardware, and instructions. (2.25” Tactical Nylon Battle Belt is available upon request.
  • ApexBaton Package Options – APEX RazorBatons are available in lengths of 32″, 33″, and 34″.  (Expert versions are available upon request in rigid heavy-weights; with lengths from 33″ to 40”) All systems include one High Performance APEX RazorBaton per package.
  • Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System The Quick-Draw Containment System is a patented design that allows for sub-second deployment under stress of the APEX RazorBaton.  The system is capable of an instant “deployment and strike” of a target in one fluid motion.  We are not aware of any other baton that is capable of a faster “deployment and strike”.
  • Deployment Protocol – A simple twist of your belt will instantly deploy the APEX RazorBaton downward and out; you may grasp the handle with either a forward or reverse grip depending upon which hand you use.  Consistent sub-second deployment under stress is easily achievable.
  • Grip/Handle Width Options – All RazorBaton grips/handles are manufactured 1.5″ wide; however, handles may be specially ordered with a 1.25″ wide grip, or to your specifications (Custom handle included for an additional fee)
  • Katana Curve – The Apex Predator Series has a very slight “Katana Curve” due to the spring steel tempering process. The APEX curve is different from the Japanese Katana Curve.  With the sharp edge directed downward…towards earth; the Japanese Katana Curve goes “up & down” over the length of the blade.  The very slight curve in the APEX blade goes from the “right side to left side”.
  • Apex Predator Ultra High Performance – Recommendations – If this is your first RazorBaton, and you have never owned or trained with a RazorSword, RazorMachete, or RazorBaton; you may wish to consider the Laminated RazorBaton (.062″ thick). Although the .062” thick Laminated RazorBaton may be heavier and thicker; they tend to be less rigid than the APEX RazorBaton. The Laminated RazorBatons are generally easier to use…this translates to easier to “bend and secure” into the containment system.  Please call us with your questions; we are happy to conduct a brief consultation to determine if the APEX RazorBaton or a Laminated RazorBaton will better suit you needs and experience level. Link to Laminated RazorBaton  RazorBaton – Laminated Heavy Weight 
  • Instructions Include  Use, Installation, Deployment Tips, and System Care.

    Law Enforcement APEX RazorBaton – System Package Contains

    • APEX RazorBaton– (One baton) 1075/1095 specially tempered high carbon spring steel
    • Leather Belt– 100% pure top grain cowhide leather – heavy duty – extra thick
    • Containment System– Lightweight Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System
    • Notched Tool for Slotted Barrel Nut – Special notched custom tool; allows for easy installation and removal of barrel nuts that hold the containment clips to the belt.
    • Hardware and Instructions– Containment system hardware & instructions

    APEX Specifications – Mono Blade – Rounded Safety Edge

    • 32” ApexBaton Specs:5” Wide x .050″ Thick @ 11.75 Ounces (Middle Weight – Mono-Blade)
    • 33” ApexBaton Specs:5” Wide x .050″ Thick @ 12.10 Ounces (Middle Weight – Mono-Blade)
    • 34” ApexBaton Specs:5” Wide x .050″ Thick @ 12.40 Ounces (Middle Weight – Mono-Blade)
    • 35” ApexBaton Specs:5” Wide x .050″ Thick @ 12.70 Ounces (Middle Weight – Mono-Blade)
    • 36” ApexBaton Specs:5” Wide x .050″ Thick @ 13.00 Ounces (Middle Weight – Mono-Blade)

    APEX Baton Heavy Weights

    • 32”-40″ ApexBaton Heavy Weights: This is a Heavy-Weight variant and a Very Rigid version of the ApexBaton – They are designed for weapon experts and trainers – Not Recommended for the Novice.  For more information please contact us at our E-Mail Address: CEO@RazorRazor.com // Phone: 414-333-3300

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