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BeltMachete – 1.5″ Wide – APEX RazorMachete

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IMPORTANT! RazorMachete must be 4-6 inches smaller than waist size.  Click on “Drop Down Boxes” for Size & Pricing – To Select length in 32″-37″ or 33″-40″ – Type length in “Order Notes” at “Checkout” or e-mail length to CEO@RazorRazor.com

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1.5″ APEX Machete – Concealed Tactical Machete

    • Overview – Middle Weight Class is Easy to Use with Practice – Depending upon your Skill Level… Training may be Advised for this Heavier and more Rigid Blade – The 1.65″ wide BeltMachete, is a containment system for the 1.5″ wide by 30″ to 40″ long APEX RazorMachete cutting tool, and tactical weapon.  The APEX RazorMachete encircles your waist in comfort; it is concealed inside a black leather belt as it goes through your belt loops.  The APEX RazorMachete is totally hidden and concealed, and “safely secured/retained” inside our patented belt containment system…known as a Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System. Taking the belt off is the recommended method to safely remove a sharp APEX RazorMachete; however well trained LE/MIL can simply twist the belt releasing the handle…deploying the complete APEX RazorMachete in one sub-second fluid motion.  From the outside, the “Belt and Containment System” appears to be a normal casual black leather belt.
    • Verbose – Yes, we could use a lot less words describing our products; however, as design engineers we have a penchant for detail, and perfection.
    • IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ Important for a Correct Fit The 1.65″ wide BeltMachete System is designed for the secure retention of the 1.5″ wide RazorMachete blade, and is a comfortable system to wear when properly adjusted.  The total length of the RazorMachete needs to be a minimum of 4″-5″ less than your waist size (A 6″-7″ difference may add to a more comfortable fit for EDC – Every Day Carry).
      • Where Do You Wear 1.65″ Wide BeltMachete – There is no “right or wrong” location; you may wear the BeltMachete either “above your belt line” or “at your belt line” through your belt loops.  However, for optimum concealment; this system is best worn through your belt loops similar to the RazorSword.
      • 1.65″ Wide BeltMachete With 1.5″ APEX Blade –  If you intend to wear the 1.65″ wide leather belt / BeltMachete system through your belt loops; please measure your waist while wearing a heavier “denim like shirt” and undershirt…you must measure through your belt loops with a cloth tape measure or string…slightly snug…not tight.  Pants and belt sizes DO NOT give an accurate measurement for the Containment System. (If you intend to wear the BeltMachete System over coats or heavy winter clothing; you must take that maximum measurement, or you will literally come up short)
    • Military Application – MOLLE Padded Battle Belt – The 1.5″ APEX RazorMachete will fit very well into either our 2.25″ wide or 2.75″ wide nylon web battle belt / BeltMachete Containment System.  Either of these nylon web belts will integrate perfectly with any of the padded battle belt options currently used by LE/MIL.  The introduction of the APEX RazorMachete into a padded battle belt will give this belt greater support and increased comfort for load-bearing MOLLE Systems; distributing the weight more evenly…yet taking advantage of the natural elastic comfort derived from a flexible spring steel blade. (Not too tight…not too loose) If we were to combine a Kevlar padded battle belt with a spring steel APEX RazorMachete; this would add another layer of ballistic protection where typical body armor does not cover.
    • 1.65″ Covert Leather Belt – Our patented linked containment system, attached to the inside of our 1.65″ wide leather belt, comes standard with the APEX RazorMachete Series.  Designed to be covert; the APEX RazorMachete is a totally concealed tool and tactical weapon system…it looks like a normal black leather belt…virtually undetectable. (Again, the wider nylon Tactical Battle Belts at 2.25″ and 2.75″ will also easily accommodate the 1.5″ wide APEX RazorMachete)
      • APEX Middle Weight Class .050″ Thick – If you have decided upon the APEX Blade rather than the standard 2.0″ wide, or 2.5″ wide RazorMachete; we recommend the Middle Weight Class APEX 1.5″ blade at 0.50″ thick. (This is a good starting point and a heavier / more rigid blade may be purchased at a later date to be used in the same containment system – it is deemed “Easy to Use with Practice”)  
      • APEX Light Heavy Weight Class .055″ Thick – The more rigid APEX is the 1.5″ wide and .055″ thick: it is a Light Heavy Weight and very rigid.  We do not recommend this blade as a “starter”; unless properly trained with/for this system.
      • APEX Heavy Weight Class .062″ Thick –   The next level up is the 1.5″ wide and .062″ thick Heavy Weight blade; it is extremely rigid…designed for military or those with greater edged weapon/tool experience and training. Not recommended for untrained personnel  (Comment from CEO of RazorRazor Company: I have worn the .062″ thick Heavy Weight APEX blade thousands of times, and have had no problem adjusting it for total comfort; with sub-second deployment)
    • 1.5″ APEX RazorMachete – Survival & Tactical –The 1.5″ wide APEX RazorMachete may look similar to a “typical” machete; but looks are deceiving.  This is where “typical” ends and the “Future of large concealed Edged Weapons / Tools begin”.  This “Long, Light, Thin, and Fast” RazorMachete is not only totally concealed; but is a superior cutting/survival tool as well…that will out-perform other machetes with effortless / fatigueless cutting.  Even while under the most severe and treacherous conditions; our patented BeltMachete Containment System…is guaranteed to ensure the RazorMachete’s safe and secure retention…preventing the accidental deployment, loss or separation from this indispensable tool/weapon.  (For complete secure retention; the “Double Sided L-Clip” is recommended)
    • APEX RazorMachete 1.5″ Wide Comparison – The APEX 1.5″ wide Middle Weight is slightly heavier, better balanced, and more rigid than the 2″ Wide RazorMachete Middle Weight.  Comparing 1.5″ APEX to the 2.5″ Wide RazorMachete Heavy Weight; the 2.5″ wide RazorMachete will be slightly heavier…but the 1.5″ wide RazorMachete is better balanced.  (See weight classifications bottom of page & compare with other RazorMachetes on different pages) The 1.5″ RazorMachete is an excellent cutting tool/weapon; however, with a 21-degree needle nose penetrating point…it is also an excellent thrusting weapon.  Overall the 1.5″ wide Apex RazorMachete is much more than a machete; it truly is an advanced offensive concealed tactical weapon.
    • APEX 1.5″ Middle Weight Skill Level Requirements – To take full advantage of the APEX system; we recommended a basic intermediate skill level…experience with edged weapons or sharp machete type tools.  Because the Middle Weight APEX is slightly more rigid than the 2″ RazorMachete, and because the 1.5″-wide APEX is typically worn through the belt loops; it may be slightly more challenging to “bend & secure” than the more flexible 2.0″-wide RazorMachete Middle Weight.  (Compare: See RazorMachete – 2″ Wide using the 2.25″ wide Tactical Nylon Battle Belt – please view the other RazorMachete categories)
    • Cutting Ability – The 1.5″ APEX RazorMachete is not designed to cut down trees like an axe; however, it will easily cut down saplings, branches, small trees, grass, brush, and 99% of what the average camper, hiker, or survivalist will encounter.  The APEX blade is “Long, Light, Thin, and Fast, and according to retired SOF jungle experts…APEX will out-perform other machetes…with effortless / fatigueless cutting.
    • Apex Predator Series – RazorMachete Mono-Blade – The 1.5″ Wide APEX RazorMachete Middle Weight Class has standard length options from 30″ to 36″.  The APEX Light Heavy Weight Class is available in lengths from 32″ to 37″The APEX Heavy Weight Class is available in lengths from 33″ to 40″(See Weights & Specifications at the Bottom of this Page) The APEX RazorMachete is an Ultra High-Performance Mono-Blade.
    • Tool & Weapon – The APEX RazorMachete is more than a hybrid it is a thoroughbred…a high quality “Machete Tool” and a superior “Tactical Weapon”: (1. APEX is designed as an excellent cutting tool; capable of cutting thick and tough materials…small trees, larger branches, jungle vegetation, and heavy vines…yet very efficient/effective in tall grass and brush. (2. APEX is formulated with a high carbon spring steel blade; a blade thicker and more rigid than the 2″-wide or the 2.5″-wide RazorMachete…also making APEX a superior “battle ready weapon”.  When properly sharpened; the 1.5″-wide APEX RazorMachete is a formidable concealed tactical weapon system.  (Upon Request – Thrusting may be substantially enhanced by changing from the standard 45° machete point to a 21° needle nose penetrating point)
    • Concealment, and Belt Options: APEX RazorMachete is totally concealed in either a (1. The standard issue 1.65″-wide leather belt.  This belt looks like a normal belt for jeans…it is an extra thick, and heavy duty 100% Top Grain leather, or (2. Upon request the 1.5″-wide tactical synthetic “look like leather” belt…with over 1,500-pound break strength is available, or (3. Upon request the 2.25″-wide or 2.75″-wide military style / nylon Tactical Battle Belt is available.  All belt systems encircle the waist or torso area in comfort; with our patented Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System.
      • Belt Option #1 – Unless otherwise requested; the BeltMachete Survival System comes with our high quality 1.65″ wide, extra thick and heavy-duty 100% Top Grain Leather belt with a roller buckle.  The 1.65″ leather belt fits only the 1.5″ wide RazorMachete, or RazorSword.  Generally threaded through your belt loops for concealment.
      • Belt Option #2Upon request, you may opt for the black tactical style 1.5″-wide (Look like leather) “Thermoplastic Polyurethane Coated Nylon Webbing” chemical resistant all weather belt; extremely tough with over a 1,500-pound break strength.  Containment clips are 1.6″ wide on a 1.5″ wide belt; which will create a very slight (0.050″) 50-thousands of an inch “over-lap” on each side of the belt.  The overlap is not noticeable…designed to be threaded through your belt-loops or a padded battle belt.
      • Other Belt Options – See other website pages for specifications regarding the nylon web belts…the 2.25″-wide battle belt and 2.75″-wide battle belt. The 1.5″ wide RazorMachete will fit all of our 2.25″-wide and 2.75″-wide military style, Tactical Battle Belt combinations.  (Available upon request)
      • 1.5″ & 1.65″ Belts for Instant Deployment – Proper training, and practice must be taken first with a dull blade before attempting the “Quick Draw” of a sharp RazorMachete / RazorSword, or serious injury is likely.  A sub-second deployment and strike was originally designed for the 1.65″ wide and/or 1.5″ wide belt containment systems.  The 2.25″ wide and 2.75″ wide belt containment systems are more “tool orientated” and tend to be slower to draw…although with practice a sub-second deployment is attainable.
    • Handle Width Options – All RazorMachete handles are manufactured 1.5″ wide; but handles widths may be specially ordered at 1.25″ for smaller hands. (Additional costs may apply)
    • Belt Loops: Your belt loops need to be absolutely no less than 2.0” to 2.25″ inside height to allow the system to pass unrestricted through your belt loops. (You may wear this system above your belt line / above your belt loops…in which case you will not need to worry about the size of your belt loops) If your belt loops are too small; a tailor can easily increase the inside height of your belt loops. Your two front belt loops are never threaded with the belt containment system – so they are not affected. Please see videos!
    • Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System – Containment clips MUST cover the entire sharp edge of the RazorMachete.  If you wish to achieve sub-second deployments; you may need to have a slightly shorter sharp edge…allowing you to reduce/limit the number of containment clips in the system.  Limiting the number of containment clips will reduce resistance; this allows for faster unrestricted deployments.
    • Body Contour Tool & Weapon System – If fitted properly, the BeltMachete is an “auto-adjusting” system; within reason, the BeltMachete System conforms to the “contour” of your specific anatomy and body type.
    • Blade – Blades sold “not sharp” for liability reasons.  (Training and practice with a dull blade are an absolute necessity – training with a sharp blade will cause serious injury or even death) Sharpening information and services are provided in e-mails after purchase; however, for liability reasons, sharpening is at your own risk.
    • “Katana Curve” – The Apex Predator Series was designed with a very slight “Katana Curve”.  However, our proprietary “Katana Curve” is unique to our design.  With the sharp edge of the RazorMachete facing downward (Towards earth); the slight blade curve goes from left to right rather than “up & down” as in the Japanese Katana.
    • Belt Bumps – Small “belt-bumps” are caused from the reverse spring pressure when the RazorMachete is coiled around the waist.  Belt-bumps form at the “tip/point” and at the handle “butt-end” of the RazorMachete.  As the length of the RazorMachete decreases…the spring pressure increases…so too increasing the size of the belt-bumps.  Belt-bumps may be hidden or reduced by…
      • Using a RazorMachete that is less rigid and/or longer
      • Blousing your shirt, or other clothing over the small belt-bump
      • Tightening your belt to reduce the belt-bump
      • Placing a phone case near the belt-bump…hiding it
      • Moving the belt horizontally / laterally reducing the belt-bump
    • Weight Class Explained – Weight Class is a relative term. Although some of our RazorMachete blades may be lighter than other machetes available on the open commercial market; the RazorMachete is “Long, Light, Thin and Fast”…as compared to competing machetes.  Thus, the RazorMachete will out-perform our competition.

APEX RazorMachete Specifications – Sold Not Sharp

  • 30″-36″ RazorMachete – Middle Weight Class Specs: 1.5” Wide x .050″ Thick @ 12-13 Ounces
    • Somewhat Rigid – Novice to Intermediate Skill Level – With some limited practice the APEX Middle Weight is easy to use, bend and secure.  Due to blade rigidness; we recommended that you have a basic intermediate skill level with edged weapons or sharp machete type tools.
  • 32″-37″ RazorMachete – Light Heavy Weight Class Specs: 1.5” Wide x .055″ Thick @ 13-15 Ounces
    • Very Rigid – Advanced Skill Level – To use the APEX Light Heavy Weight effectively…training and practice is recommended.  Due to the increased rigidness of this system; it is recommended that you have an advanced edged weapon background, and or experience with sharp machete like tools.  Above average upper body strength is recommended to handle the additional forces created by the increased rigidness of the spring steel.  Extra caution is recommended!
  • 33″-40″ RazorMachete – Heavy Weight Class Specs: 1.5” Wide x .062″ Thick @ 15-ounces to over 1-Pound
    • Extremely Rigid – Expert Skill Level – This blade is so rigid that it is dangerous unless you are an edged weapon expert, military or elite law enforcement.  Designed for the edged weapon expert with excellent upper body strength.  The accidental release of this blade can propel a razor-sharp tool across a room…causing serious injury or death to anyone in its path. (As the blade exceeds 36-inches in length; rigidness is substantially reduced, and the blade will become less dangerous to use)
  • Custom Length Options – The above APEX RazorMachete lengths are only guidelines.  Depending upon your skill level and type of belt system; we can easily make an APEX RazorMachete shorter.  (Example: a 33″-40″ APEX RazorMachete Heavy Weight may be reduced to 30-inches in length)
  • 45-degree Angle – Tactical Point: Designed with an extra sturdy point for cutting; less likely to bend or deform.  This is the standard point for the APEX RazorMachete.
  • 21-degree Angle – Needle Nose Penetrating Point: Designed for thrusting.  The 21-degree needle nose penetrating point is available upon request.
  • BeltMachete – Belt Placement Options:
    1. BeltMachete around waist through side and back belt loops.  Front belt loops are never threaded; because front belt-loops would be cut during deployment.
    2. BeltMachete system may also be placed above the belt-loops; resting on or above the waist area, and/or over a shirt or jacket.

APEX – BeltMachete Survival System Package Contains

  • RazorMachete, Belt & Containment System are All Included in Purchase – See Below
  • APEX RazorMachete (One machete – not sharp) – 1075/1095 specially tempered high carbon spring steel.
  • Choose One Weight Class from Drop Down List Above
    • Middle Weight Class .050″ thick mono-blade – Somewhat Rigid
    • Light Heavy Weight Class .055″ thick mono-blade – Very Rigid
    • Heavy Weight Class .062″ thick mono-blade – Extremely Rigid
  • Leather Belt & Containment System – High quality 100% pure top grain cowhide leather – heavy duty – extra thick.  Looks identical to a normal belt worn with “Blue Jeans” pants.  The Flexible Linked Containment Rail System is included and attached to the leather belt; containment system is adjustable.  (Other belt options are available upon request)
    • Tactical Battle Belt Options Available: 2.25″ wide & 2.75″ wide nylon battle belts.
  • Containment System – Lightweight Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System. (Patented)
  • Notched Tool for Slotted Barrel Nut – Special notched custom tool; allows for easy installation and removal of barrel nuts that hold the containment clips to the belt.
  • Hardware and Instructions – Containment system hardware & instructions.
  • Guaranteed for Life Against Catastrophic Failure – Highest quality 1075/1095 high carbon spring steel; has allowed the RazorMachete to attain a near indestructible reputation.  All blades are guaranteed for life against catastrophic failure.

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