BeltMachete Tactical Concealed - Survival - Civilian & LE/MIL

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Totally Concealed RazorMachete – A Body Contour System – RazorMachete Categories Below

Jungle warfare operators prefer an efficient lightweight cutting tool; carried safe, secure, and hidden. A blade that is “long, light, thin & fast; fatigueless effortless cutting…doubling as a Tactical Weapon. The BeltMachete / RazorMachete…NOT ONLY #1…THE ONLY 1

3 Main RazorMachete Categories Below:
***1.5″-Wide APEX // Middle Weight to Heavy Weight // Overall Length From 31″ to 40″
***2.0″-Wide // Light Weight to Middle Weight // Overall Length From 24″ to 30″
***2.5″-Wide // Heavy Weight // Overall Length From 28″ to 32”