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RazorSwords      Designers of “Invisible”  Survival, Tool & Weapon Systems

Engineers, SOF personnel, Counter Terrorism and Weapon experts, writers, trainers, elite law enforcement, and other professionals have been quoted; “That the RazorRazor Company is well on its way to become the most innovative concealed tool, survival, and edged weapon design and development company in history”.  These concealed designs include, but are not limited to our RazorDagger, RazorDagger Survival, RazorMachete, RazorSword, and the RazorBaton.

RazorRazor has developed “survival systems, tool systems, and weapon systems” that are virtually invisible; yet comfortable to wear, with instant easy access, and capable of sub-second deployment under stress. 

Depending upon client design specifications and field applications; we can completely hide and eliminate the asymmetry and corresponding signature from any of our concealed systems (Including but not limited to a 40-inch RazorMachete…rendering all of our systems “invisible” even to the most ardent expert in “studies and observations”.

Most people understand the reasoning behind the concealment of weapons; but why conceal a tool or survival system. 

  1. First: In the event of an emergency (Even on a limited scale), there are frantic people that would harm or kill you for your resources.  If you are perceived to have resources that give you an advantage over someone that has failed to plan; you just became a target.  In life or death struggles, even your neighbor may steal your resources. 
  2. Second: Whether it be a lethal weapon, a razor sharp machete, or any tool with sharp edges or points; safe and secure retention is a mandatory lesson for survival…and even day to day working activities.  The RazorRazor Company not only designs system to conceal weapons or resources from the “bad guys”; but to safely retain and secure items that could cause injury or even death due to an accident or attack.

RazorDagger – Designed at the Request of the elite US Drug Enforcment. RazorSwords, RazorMachetes, RazorBatons, and RazorDaggers, RazorDagger Survival, are lighter, faster, thinner, more durable, and easier to access/deploy than other competing blades or systems; but the RazorDagger (Designed for Drug Enforcement) goes one step further…it is designed with an adjustable body contour blade …the blade curvature creates a much larger internal wound cavity and subsequent increase in lethality (Similar to a hollow point bullet).  The total combination of all these attributes are available from one company, and one company only…RazorRazor!

Our mission continues…to research, design, and develop new formidable invisible weapons, tool , and survival systems, and technology for US Military, law enforcement, elite operators, and law abiding citizens.  Our patented weapons and tools are “one of a kind”…a design first!

Everything on this website is concepted, designed, patented, and custom manufactured by the team at the RazorRazor Company.  Proudly made in the USA…Believers in American Exceptionalism!  Not only are we continuing to develop new advanced survival systems, edged weapons and tools; but we are constantly updating and enhancing current systems.  Most of what we manufacture did not exist anywhere; until the design team at RazorRazor developed it.  Please click on the “PURCHASE” and “PRODUCTS” pages to review our designs and inventions.

Numerous articles have been written by elite US Law Enforcement, SOF personnel, and Counter Terrorism Experts.  Our system designs are the result of input and testing from many of those elite warriors.

Science Fiction…now a Reality! Imagine walking down the street with no more than a tank top and a pair of shorts.  Yet no one can see your personal defense weapon system…a 1.5” wide by 33” long RazorSword, RazorMachete, or RazorBaton; safe, secure, and concealed in our patented (FLCRS) Flexible Linked Containment Rail System.  FLCRS attaches to an ordinary leather belt or nylon web belt.  Why is it “invisible”; because “deployment and strike” is so “fast and fluid” that the target will never see it!  (Please see our video demonstrations)

Many people have remarked; “Your weapon systems are right out of a “James Bond” or science fiction movie”.  We are often contacted for new weapon ideas and capabilities from authors and writers.

We can turn a day at the beach into a science fiction event.  Imagine a well-trained small women; wearing only a bikini.  This seductive bikini belies what lurks hidden just under the thin cloth material…a 7″-8″ double edged razor-sharp weapon; a totally concealed tactical fixed-blade.  The RazorDagger is an adjustable “Body Contour Weapon System” concealed under this small bikini – a real “lethal surprise” for any perpetrator attacking this tiny sunbather.  This is what I call; “Dressed to Kill”!

Better than a Magic ACT!  Even magicians have purchased our systems.  They tell us; “Pulling a 33-inch full sized sword – from out of thin air – belongs in our magic act – heck of a lot better than pulling a rabbit out of a hat!”

Our clients are global…from ordinary civilians, collectors, martial art practitioners…to elite law enforcement, military personnel, SOF, counter-terror training teams, escape and evasion training units…etc.  However, our mission is not limited to elite law enforcement and military; but we fully support the rights of ordinary citizens – that believe in self-reliance, personal responsibility, and a free society – that many courageous Americans have fought for, and continue to sacrifice their lives to preserve!

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