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Level III RazorDagger-SASS

Level III – Advanced – RazorDagger Tactical – Staggered Auto Separation Sheath (RD-SASS) The following eight minute video demonstrates the RazorDagger Tactical / Executive Weapon System in the “Staggered Auto Separation Sheath” (SASS) configuration. SASS is defined as two RazorDaggers; being placed in a Staggered Configuration.  The two RazorDagger handles are staggered and “Velcroed” together – one on top of the other to form a fulcrum.  The handles are Velcroed together using only Hook Velcro on each handle. The Staggered Auto Separation Sheath (SASS) is an innovation into edged weapon system design. SASS allows for the “instant auto separation” and “simultaneous deployment” of two RazorDaggers; one RazorDagger into your left hand, and one RazorDagger into your right hand.

In the following video we demo two 9” long by 1.25″ wide RazorDaggers.  Exception: In this video, the sheaths for the 9″ RazorDaggers do not cover the entire exposed blade; this is done for some custom blades, in which the “tip only” has been sharpened.   However for most 9″ RazorDaggers with the SASS System; the entire blade is sharp, and the sheath has been designed to cover the entire sharp edge.    Instructions in this video may be applied to any and all RazorDagger lengths/types for both Executive and Tactical versions.  Video demonstrates important aspects for the installation, and usage of the RD-SASS system.

RazorDagger – Staggered Auto Separation Sheath (Installation, Adjustment, and Use)

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