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Level lV – Expert – Double RazorDagger – Staggered Auto Separation Sheath (DRD-SASS)  In this video; we discus the use, installation, and adjustment of the DRD-SASS weapon system.  The DRD is a dagger with a handle/grip positioned in the center; thus creating an omnidirectional weapon with twin needle nose penetrating points and four razor sharp edges.  The Staggered Auto Separation Sheath (SASS) is an innovation into edged weapon system design.  SASS allows for the “instant auto separation” and “simultaneous deployment” of two Double RazorDaggers; one DRD into your left hand, and one DRD into your right hand.

DRD-SASS – Five Minute Video – Use, Install, and Application It is important to note; that the SASS system will need to be adjusted/moved to the right or left inside the belt to find the proper position for the “belt buckle fulcrum action” to work properly.  This is a simple “trial & error” adjustment process; mark the adjustment inside the belt to remember position.  Always test system position, and system deployment; prior to use in the field for that day.

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