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Change Curvature – RD/DRD

Change the Curvature of the RazorDagger or Double RazorDagger for Covert Operations – The RazorDagger and Double RazorDagger are the only edged weapon systems designed to conform to the human anatomy; that the actual curvature of the blade itself  may be adjusted to fit the exact shape and contour of any specific body type for covert operations.  The system was originally designed for elite drug enforcement agents; to make it very difficult to detect this weapon in a physical search.  Certain conditions may require you to “fine-tune” the adaption feature of this weapon system.  The design characteristics of the blade, coupled with the specially tempered spring steel, will allow you to reset the blade curvature of this weapon to your exact specifications.  The following video gives you a simple and intuitive overview for that procedure; the reset procedure may be repeated as often as necessary.  Should you or your team have any questions; please contact the RazorRazor Company.

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