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RazorDagger – Bowie

RazorDagger – Bowie Signature Series 10.5″ – This edged weapon is a prototype only; we demonstrate how a very large dagger/knife may be hidden.  It is nearly equal in size to the famous Ka-Bar knife.  The RazorDagger – Bowie has a tremendous advantage over any other large knife; it is totally concealable…even when wearing as little as a pair of shorts for a day at the beach.  The RD-Bowie is manufactured with an extreme needle-nose / penetrating-point; this new “dagger-type” design is consistent with the powerful and durable Tanto configuration.  It is manufactured as either a single edged or double edged weapon.  Deployment for this massive weapon is sub-second under stress.  (Taking a stop watch to this video – it is approaching a 1/2 second deployment)

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