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7" & 8" by 1" wide Executive --- 7", 8" & 9" by 1,25" wide Tactical

The RazorDagger Weapon System was developed at the request of elite US Drug Enforcement.  Undercover agents were looking for a highly lethal fixed blade dagger that would be near impossible to find in a search.  Extensive requirements needed to be met prior to Drug Enforcement approval and acceptance; the weapon system must be a medium to large fixed blade weapon, able to defeat a pat-down and search from violent enforces…including evading a metal detecting wand.  Additionally the edged weapon must be totally concealed, with easy instant access, and sub-second deployment under stress.

Agents were unable to find a weapon system that could even begin to meet the criteria that they described.  With a revolutionary approach to knife design; the RazorRazor Company fulfilled their needs, and now the RazorDagger body contour weapon system is being used globally by elite law enforcement and military.  Some of our clients are “escape and evasion trainers”, “counter terror training teams”, and to include…but not limited to, local, state, and federal law enforcement.

The RazorDagger is a “Body Contour Weapon System” designed to fit the contour of the human body for unparalleled stealth, comfort, concealment, with easy access and sub-second deployment.  The RazorDagger is the first fixed blade concealed knife and dagger system that is designed to fit almost as if it is part of your body.  The RazorDagger is not worn; it is “integrated into your specific body type, anatomy, and clothing”.  It literally fits the contour of your specific body shape.  Deployment is at a fraction of a second (Sub-second deployment under stress); with a simple twist of your belt buckle and the RazorDagger handle will deploy into your hand.  It is immediately ready to thrust, cut and slash.

Knife fighters prefer a fixed blade knife over a folder (folding blade knife)…because   a folder is slow to deploy and may fail to lock into place; if an attacker takes the fight to the ground…it then may be impossible to open the blade of a folding knife.  What prevented knife fighters from carrying a fixed blade knife; because the “concealed carry” of a medium to large fixed blade knife was difficult to impossible…especially in light warm weather clothing.  The RazorDagger weapon system allowed for the every day carry and concealment of large daggers and edged weapons.

Although most people will never need to carry twin RazorDaggers; the RazorDagger Weapon System developed another first “in the world of edge weapon design”…a system in which multiple daggers may be safely sheathed in one containment system that is totally concealed and hidden under your belt.  With a simple twist of your belt buckle one or two RazorDagger(s) will be deployed into your hand(s) simultaneously.

Deployment Options are as follows:

  1. Deploy one single RazorDagger into either your right or left hand, forward grip, reverse grip, or the recommended “modified saber (sabre) grip“.
  2. Deploy two RazorDaggers “stacked as one single dagger” into either your right or left hand, and continue to use the twin stacked RazorDaggers as one single dagger or
  3. Deploy two RazorDaggers “stacked as one single dagger” into either your right or left hand; after deployment separate, and “Break” them into two individual RazorDaggers, one dagger for each hand, or
  4. Deploy two RazorDaggers “stacked as one single dagger” into either your right or left hand; then Transform them into one Double RazorDagger. Two RazorDaggers Transform to become one Double RazorDagger.  The Velcro on each handle will allow you to attach the daggers together; creating a duel point quad-edged dagger.  One point exits the right side of you hand, the second point exits the left side of your hand.
  5. Deploy the two RazorDaggers that are specially stacked in a staggered or offset fashion and…
  • SASS the “Staggered Auto Separation Sheath” function; will “auto-break” the two RazorDaggers apart.  With a simple twist of your belt buckle, the two RazorDaggers will Auto Separate.  You will simultaneously deploy two daggers; one dagger into your left hand, and one dagger into your right hand.  The Auto Separation function will “auto deploy” one dagger for each hand; with 2x tanto points, and 4x exposed razor edges.

RazorRazor has created the first dagger that literally Transforms itself into a series of new weapons, and is a true multi-directional offensive weapon.  The handle or grip of the newly transformed Double RazorDagger is located in the center of the two dagger points; facilitating a grip that is both a forward grip and a reverse grip at the same time.  You now have 4-edges and 2-points. (One point and two edges exiting from each side of one hand)  The RazorDagger has superior thrusting, slashing, and tactical advantages; this comes from superior design characteristics…tough, thin, light and fast

Some of the RazorDagger design characteristics are as follows…

  • Designed with the assistance with elite US Drug Enforcement.
  • A fixed blade weapon able to defeat a pat-down search; including a metal detecting wand.
  • A large fixed blade dagger that is totally concealed with easy access and sub-second deployment under stress.
  • A weapon system the may conceal twin RazorDaggers; that may be “double-stacked”, and instantly deployed from one containment system
  • It is the first dagger weapon system that employs SASS – the Staggered Auto Separation Sheath function
  • It is the first dagger weapon system that may deploy two daggers simultaneously into both hands
  • It is the first dagger weapon system that Transforms two single RazorDaggers into a new different weapon…called the Double RazorDagger
  • Once Transformed into a Double RazorDagger; this weapon is very difficult to disarm
  • Tough thin steel that has very little resistance when thrusting through leather, heavy clothing, and into a target
  • An extreme needle nose point(s) that expands into a wide Tanto design
  • The widening Tanto design increases the size of the “cut area”; increasing lethality
  • The curvature of the blade; if twisted acts as a fulcrum, further expanding the cutting radius and wound cavity
  • Specially tempered, and hardened – 1095 high carbon spring steel – capable of a thin razor sharp edge
  • Blade Type: Rigid – Single Point with Single or Double Edge – designed to be rigid for thrusting, cutting, and slashing
  • Blade thickness 1/16 inch  (0.062 Rigid)
  • Primary Standard Knife Grip Styles: Hammer Grip – Forward grip or  Reverse grip
  • Recommended Grip: Held similar to a fencing Foil, or Saber.  Also known as an oppositional fold in fencing (Modified Saber Grip) – the RazorDagger may be manipulated with thumb and index (trigger) finger.  (Although this grip has superior reach and dexterity; depending upon your training…it may not be as strong as the hammer grip)
  • The body contour RazorDagger is extremely comfortable to wear
  • Generally worn around an area of the torso, preferably the waist – recommended under the belt buckle
  • Special reinforced nylon sheaths with Velcro – worn on the inside of a leather belt
  • Radius of contour is adjustable spring steel for comfort
  • The simple twist of your belt buckle will deploy the RazorDagger into your hand.

The contour and curvature of the RazorDagger may be adjusted.  Changes to the curvature may be “major adjustments” or to “fine-tune” the custom fit…to your exact body type.  Adjustments made to the weapon system is so precise; we could literally custom fit a 6”-8” RazorDagger underneath the bikini of a small woman, without anyone seeing or noticing the dagger.

The spring steel radius curve may be custom adjusted as often as necessary to meet changing operational needs, and clothing.  The RazorDagger, as manufactured, fits most human torsos without any adjustment; however you may make major adjustments to the curvature of the RazorDagger for specialized purposes.

The RazorDagger Weapon system was originally custom designed for Drug Enforcement.  It was designed to be very difficult to find in a pat-down or search from violent enforcers running illegal drug operations. The RazorDagger weapon system meets the zero compromise criteria imposed by covert operations, and is capable of consistent sub-second deployment under stress.

Unlike any other knife or edged weapon system; the body contour blade design was predicated upon stealth, concealment, and superior penetration through leather, and heavy clothing.  With its “extreme needle nose point”, and thin high carbon spring steel blade, it is specially heat treated and tempered for thrusting and slashing.  Although the RazorDagger may be concealed on various part of the human body; its primary placement behind your belt in our proprietary containment system.

Penetration on all daggers is dependent upon the type of grip used on the weapon, how well the blade is maintained, and the skill level of the knife fighter – there is no guard, quillon, or grooves to stop your hand from slipping forward onto the blade – so a tight grasp while using a modified sager grip is recommended – the special curvature of the RazorDagger handle fits the “cup” of your hand – facilitating a stronger than normal grip.

Combat knife experts prefer a fixed blade knife over a folder.  For the first time you may integrate a short to long fixed blade knife/dagger into your apparel.  Even if you are a business executive (Male or Female); the ability for your apparel to hold and conceal the RazorDagger is an easy adaptation.  The RazorDagger Weapon System becomes part of your body and attire…a Body Contour Weapon System. Not only designed for ease of access and immediate deployment against an attacker; but the curvature of the blade creates massive internal cavitation…increasing wound cavity and lethality.

Products  |  RazorDagger
Click Here to Purchase – We ship Internationally

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