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Double RazorDagger

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Double RazorDagger 10" & 10"

The Double Razor Dagger (DRD) is a “Body Contour Weapon System” designed to fit the contour of the human body for unparalleled stealth and concealment.  DRD is the first duel point / quad edge fixed blade concealed dagger system.  The Double RazorDagger is designed to fit almost as if it were part of your body.  DRD is not worn; it is “integrated into your specific body type, anatomy, and clothing”.  It literally fits the contour of your specific body shape, and the curvature may be adjusted to achieve a perfect fit.  Deployment is at a fraction of a second (Sub-second under stress); with a simple twist of your belt buckle…the Double RazorDagger will deploy into your hand.  It is immediately ready to thrust, cut, slash.

The Double RazorDagger Weapon System is a revolutionary proprietary design.  The handle is in the center of the dagger, and the twin tanto needle nose penetrating points (Quad edge) exits each side of your hand at the same time.  It is the first multi-directional edged weapon system.

Knife fighters prefer a fixed blade knife over a “folder” (folding blade knife).  Up until the RazorDagger and Double RazorDagger designs; concealing a large fixed blade knife was not possible unless you wore large-thick clothing.  Typically those large fixed blade knives poor access and deployment was not sub-second…similar to most concealed carry handguns.  Now with the development of the RazorDagger and Double RazorDagger; sub-second deployment under stress is easily achievable.

With other knives, experienced knife fighters had to choose between a forward grip, or a reverse grip.  With the Double RazorDagger, the dagger handle is in the center between the two points.  Due to this design you have both grips at once; you simultaneously have a forward grip and a reverse grip – two points with quad edges – razor sharp.  (One Tanto point exits the right-side of your hand; the second tanto point exits the left-side of your hand)

The Double RazorDagger Weapon System is also the first system in which multiple daggers may be stacked onto one another and into one containment system.  You may use one Double RazorDagger or stack two Double RazorDaggers together; either way they are totally concealed and hidden under your belt.  With a simple twist of your belt buckle; you will deploy either one or two Double RazorDaggers into your hand(s) simultaneously.

Deployment Options are as follows:

  1. Deploy one single Double RazorDagger into either your right or left hand
  2. Deploy two Double RazorDaggers into either your right or left hand; in this case they are stacked directly on top of each other and…
    1. Use the two stacked daggers as one single dagger, or
    2. After deployment separate (physically break down) the two Double RazorDaggers apart, and use them as two daggers.  One dagger for each hand; creating 4x tanto points, and 8x exposed razor edges.
  3. Deploy the two Double RazorDaggers that are specially stacked in a staggered or offset fashion and…
    1. During deployment allow the Staggered Auto Separation Sheath to “auto-break” the two Double RazorDaggers apart.  With a simple twist of your belt buckle, the two Double RazorDaggers will Auto Separate.  They will simultaneously deploy two Double RazorDaggers; delivering one dagger into your left hand, and delivering the other dagger into your right hand.  The Staggered Auto Separation Sheath will “auto deploy and separate” one dagger for each hand; with 4x tanto points, and 8x exposed razor edges available for action.

In summary: RazorRazor has created the first Double RazorDagger Weapon System that stacks, Auto Separates, and is an omnidirectional offensive weapon.  The Double RazorDagger has superior thrusting and slashing capabilities; this comes from a series of design characteristics as listed below.

  • It is the first duel-point quad-edge dagger that may be stacked, and concealed in a containment system
  • It is the first dagger weapon system that is capable of deploying twin Double RazorDaggers with 4-points and 8-edges simultaneously
  • It is the first dagger weapon system that employs the Staggered Auto Separation Sheath function; deploying two Double RazorDaggers  one into each hand.
  • Tough thin high carbon spring steel that has very little resistance when thrusting through leather, heavy clothing, and into a target.
  • Extreme needle nose penetrating points that expand into a wide Tanto design
  • The widening Tanto design increases the size of the “cut area”; increasing lethality
  • The curvature of the blade; if twisted acts as a fulcrum, further expanding the cutting radius and wound cavity (Increased lethality), and allows for an easier extraction from a target.
  • Specially tempered, and hardened – 1095 high carbon spring steel – capable of a thin razor sharp edge
  • The duel point quad edge of the Double RazorDagger is very difficult to disarm.
  • Blade Type: Rigid – Double Point and Quad Edge – designed to be rigid for excellent thrusting, cutting, slashing.
  • Blade thickness 1/16 inch  (0.062 Rigid)
  • Grip is centered in the middle of the dagger – Forward grip and Reverse grip are simultaneous
  • A “Body Contour Weapon System” – Double RazorDagger is extremely comfortable to wear
  • Generally worn around an area of the torso, preferably the waist – recommended under the belt buckle
  • Special reinforced nylon sheath with Velcro – worn on the inside of a leather belt
  • Radius of contour spring steel is adjustable to meet the needs of covert operations, or to eliminate weapon signature.
  • The simple twist of your belt buckle will deploy the Double RazorDagger into your hand.

The contour and curvature of the Double RazorDagger may be adjusted.  Changes to the curvature may be “major adjustments” or just to “fine-tune” the custom fit to your exact body type.  Adjustments made to the weapon system is so precise; we could literally custom fit a 9” Double RazorDagger underneath the bikini of a small woman, without anyone seeing or noticing the dagger.

The spring steel radius curve may be custom adjusted as often as necessary to meet changing conditions, and clothing.  The Double RazorDagger, as manufactured, fits most human torsos without any adjustment; however, it is easy to make adjustments to the curvature of the Double RazorDagger.

The Double RazorDagger Weapon system was originally custom designed for martial arts experts.  It was designed to be a weapon of intimidation, increased lethality, easy access, total concealment, and sub-second deployment. The Double RazorDagger meets the zero compromise criteria imposed by covert operations, and is capable of consistent sub-second deployment under stress.

Unlike any other knife or edged weapon system; the body contour blade design was predicated upon stealth, concealment, and superior penetration through leather, and heavy clothing.  With its “extreme needle nose point”, and thin high carbon spring steel “razor” blade, it has been specially heat treated and tempered for amazing strength and durability.  Although the Double RazorDagger may be concealed on various part of the human body; its primary placement is behind your belt in a special containment system.

Effective penetration from any edged weapon is dependent upon the type of grip used on the weapon, how well the blade is maintained, and the skill level of the knife fighter – although there is no guard, quillon, or grooves to stop your hand from slipping forward onto the sharp blade – the curvature of the grip area fits the “cup” of your hand and will help “lock” a superior grip on the handle.  Caution and training is advised.

As mentioned; combat knife fighters prefer a fixed blade knife over a folder.  For the first time you may integrate a short to long fixed blade knife/dagger into your apparel.  Even if you are a business executive (Male or female); the ability for your apparel to hold and conceal the Double RazorDagger is an easy adaptation.  The Double RazorDagger Weapon System becomes part of you  and your attire; it is designed for ease of access and immediate deployment to neutralize an attacker.

The Double RazorDagger in the wrong hands is an Extremely Hazardous and Dangerous Weapon System…training is recommended: Just the mere sight of the Double RazorDagger is intimidating; one immediately recognizes that this is a weapon system designed for trained experts.  Due to the Double RazorDaggers twin points and quad razor sharp edges, it is easy to stab and/or cut yourself causing serious injury or even death; extreme caution and professional training is mandatory!

Products  |  Double RazorDagger
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