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BeltSword Making History

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  • RazorRazor:  The only design company that has ever mastered the engineering necessary to develop a totally hidden, lethal and military grade BeltSword Weapon System and BeltMachete Tool / Survival System.
  • A patented Flexible Linked Containment Rail System that bends and safely secures a lethal RazorSword or RazorMachete blade from 24-inches to 40-inches in length; totally hidden/concealed, with ease of access, and sub-second deployment under stress.
  • First Innovation:  The development of the Feather Weight and Light Weight Class mono-blade RazorSwords.
  • Second Innovation:  The development of a Laminated Heavy Weight Class RazorSword.  A proprietary lamination process in which multiple thin layers of high carbon spring steel are laminated and bonded to create a new heavy-weight RazorSword Blade that will bend 270 degrees to 360 degrees and beyond without permanent deformation.  (The blades literally float on each other with the physics of Molecular Adhesion)
  • Third Innovation:  The development of the Apex Predator Series RazorSword Blade – an ultra-high performance mono-blade designed for superior thrusting, cutting, and speed.  This blade is specially tempered and is comparable to some of the best historic and modern battle ready sword blades.  The blades are available in Middle Weight Class .050″ thick, Light Heavy Weight Class .055″ thick, and Heavy Weight Class .062″ thick.
  • Fourth Innovation: The design of the BeltMachete to safely secure and conceal a series of different RazorMachete Blades.  The BeltMachete system may be integrated into law enforcement and military MOLLE systems.  And may enhance current systems with a better load bearing structure; based upon the added support from the internal spring steel blade.  The belt may also be designed with Kevlar to absorb/deflect incoming rounds…adding another layer of ballistic protection.  (The RazorMachete was designed with the help of retired combat SOF personnel; experts in jungle warfare.  The RazorMachete was designed to be long, light, thin, and fast; to out-cut and out-perform other machete blades)
  • A (Sword) RazorSword that for all intents and purposes is “invisible” and strikes instantly from our patented containment system – deployment and strike is one continuous instant fluid motion.  (Magicians use the BeltSword, and tell us; “Greater wow-factor than most other magic acts”)
  • Weapon Experts and Trainers have stated; “RazorSword deployment is faster that a concealed carry handgun”.  During deployment demonstrations, even the keen eyes of mixed martial arts professionals ask; “Where did it come from?”
  • Retired Special Forces; “They would never see it coming!”

Products  |  BeltSword Weapon System & RazorSword | BeltSword Making History
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