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BeltSword & RazorSword

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BeltSword Weapon System – Defined

The BeltSword Weapon System looks exactly like a normal belt…when viewed from an outside perspective.  This simple non-descript “belt-system” belies its complexity; the amount of research and engineering that went into its development.  On the inside of this “normal belt”, a lethal system is waiting…the patented BeltSword…an integrated containment system; designed to conceal, hold, secure, and instantly deploy a specially tempered high-carbon spring-steel blade (RazorSword, or RazorMachete).  The system is designed to be totally invisible; to safely hide a 24″ to 40″ razor-sharp blade around a person’s waist or torso area.  (A sharpened APEX of Laminated Heavy Weight; can cut through tree limbs and crush through concrete blocks – see video demo)

The BeltSword Weapon System comprises three sub-systems. The First is our patented Flexible Linked Steel Containment Rail System…attached to the inside of a normal belt, the Second is the spring steel RazorSword, or RazorMachete blade, the Third is the belt made from either extra thick leather, or tactical nylon webbing, or polyurethane-coated polyester webbing.

Further down on this page are comparisons to help determine which RazorSword is best for your specific needs; we review all blades for their weight-class and rigidness…including the potential “strengths and/or weaknesses” of each weapon system.  Click on links above for greater details and information.  Go to…click on the “PURCHASE” tab in the main “Menu” for specifics on each weapon system, what is included in each package, and pricing.

RazorSword – Defined

RazorSword Categories – There are three extremely different categories of RazorSwords designed for the BeltSword Weapon System (BWS). #1 Feather-Weight and Light-Weight Class – Standard Mono Blades. #2 Apex Predator Series Mono Blades – Middle Weight to Heavy Weight. #3 Laminated Heavy-Weight RazorSword Blades – Middle-Weight Blades to Super Heavy-Weight Blades.  (Included in #3 are the CQB Laminated Blades)  Based upon weight class, rigidness, length, and mission; each blade has its strengths and weaknesses.

RazorSword Weight Class – There are 6 major weight classes for the RazorSword: #1 Feather-Weight, #2 Light-Weight, #3 Middle-Weight, #4 Light Heavy-Weight, #5 Heavy Weight, #6 Super Heavy-Weight.

RazorSword Rigidness – A blades rigidness is somewhat subjective; however we may define five basic levels: #1 Very Flexible, #2 Flexible, #3 Rigid, #4 Very Rigid, #5 Extremely Rigid.  The more rigid a blade; the better it is as a thrusting weapon.  However as a blade becomes more rigid…it will become more difficult to bend and secure.  This will require the user to be stronger, with a higher level of edged weapon training and experience…as blade rigidness increases.

RazorSword Mono-Blade – Feather to Light Weight – Defined

Standard Mono Blades – Designed for Ease of Concealment – Light/Fast Defensive Weapon

Feather Weight Class 24″-26″ RazorSword Mono Blades24“-26 long x 1.5 wide x .032 thick blade – at 6 to 6.5 ounces – a “very flexible” class – The .032″ Feather Weight is the lightest and thinnest of all blades; very-very thin, very flexible…easy to bend, secure, and conceal.  Due to its shorter length; designed for small waists.

Feather Weight Class 29″ RazorSword Mono Blade – 29 long x 1.5 wide x .035 thick blade – at 7.75 ounces – a “very flexible” class –The .035″ Feather Weight is the second lightest/thinnest of all blades; very thin, very flexible…easy to bend, secure and conceal.  The 29″ Feather Weight provides more reach and slightly more weight than the 24′-26″ Feather Weights.

Light-Weight Class 31″ RazorSword Mono Blade – 31″ long x 1.5″ wide x .042″ thick blade – at 9.5 ounces – a “flexible” class – The .042″ Light Weight is heavier, thicker, and more rigid than the Feather Weight Class; but nowhere the weight and rigidness of the Apex Predator Series (Below). Light Weight blades are thin and flexible…easy to bend, secure, and conceal.

Strengths: Light Weight and Feather Weight Class blades (Just above) are very fast, light, flexible, and very-very easy to bend and secure. They are good for all experience levels – including novice. These blades are perfect to conceal on snug fitting jeans and pants. They are a great defensive weapon and due to their very thin profile; can hold a near razor sharp edge. (Some compare it to a massive, thin razor-blade on steroids) Weakness: Definitely not an offensive weapon; they are too light, too thin and too flexible…not a thrusting weapon.

RazorSword APEX Mono-Blade – Middle to Heavy Weight – Defined

APEX – Ultra High Performance Blade – Designed for Thrusting & Cutting – Fast Offensive Weapon

Middle Weight Class 30″-36″ – Apex Predator Series – Mono Blades 30″-36″ long x 1.5″ wide x .050″ thick blade – at 12-13 ounces – depending upon blade length “flexible” to “rigid” class – The  .050″ APEX Middle Weights – are much heavier and much more rigid than the .042″ Light Weight mono blade  – Yet the APEX .050″ blades are considered somewhat easy to bend and secure.  (All experience levels – including novice)

Light Heavy Weight Class 32″-37″ – Apex Predator Series – Mono Blades 32″-37″ long x 1.5″ wide x .055″ thick blade – at 13-15 ounces – depending upon blade length “rigid” to “very rigid” class – The .055″ APEX blade is even heavier and more rigid than the APEX .050″ – the APEX .055″ would be a challenge to bend and secure for a novice. (Experience level – intermediate to expert)

Heavy Weight Class 33″-40″ – Apex Predator Series –  Mono Blades 33″-40″ long x 1.5″ wide x .062″ thick blade – at 15-16 ounces – depending upon blade length “very rigid” to “extremely rigid” class – The .062″ APEX blade is heavier and much more rigid than the APEX .055″ – APEX .062″ is difficult to very difficult to bend and secure – for experts in edged weapons or LE/Mil only – all persons that wish to order the .062″ APEX must call RazorRazor to obtain order authorization. (Experience level – LE/Mil or edged weapon expert only)

Strengths: The Apex Predator Series is a specially tempered Ultra-High Performance mono-blade.  APEX is an Offensive and Defensive weapon; they are the heaviest of the mono blades, and more rigid for thrusting than even the heavier laminated blades. Depending upon blade thickness, an APEX blade is rigid (.0.50″), to very rigid (.055″), to extremely rigid (.062″).  APEX is an excellent thrusting and superior cutting weapon due to its weight, mono-blade design, and speed.  Most trained sword practitioners prefer a blade similar to the APEX. It is heavy enough to crush targets; yet balanced and agile enough to be fast and precise. Weakness: Although the APEX .050” is moderately easy to bend and secure, for some the thicker .055″ and .062″ APEX blades may be too rigid; with spring tension that the average untrained person is unable to safely control. (Questions? – we will help find the correct blade for you – Please call RazorRazor at 414-333-3300)

RazorSword Laminated-Blade – Middle to Super Heavy Weight – Defined

Laminated Heavy Weights – Added Crushing Power – Offensive Weapon System

Middle Weight Class – 29″ – Laminated Blade 29″ long x 1.5″ wide x .062″ thick blade – at about 12.6 ounces – “flexible” class – The .062″ Laminated Middle Weights continue to be easy to bend and secure – even though they are much heavier and more rigid than the .042″ Light Weight mono blades – The .062″ is not a thrusting weapon – Note: Some of the longer APEX blades 33″-34″ may be as heavy or heavier than the 29″ Laminated Middle Weight Blade.  APEX blades are typically more rigid.  (All experience levels – including novice)

Heavy Weight Class – 31″ – Laminated Blade 31″ long x 1.5″ wide x .070″ thick blade – at 15.1 ounces – “flexible” class – The .070″ Laminated Heavy Weights continue to be easy to bend and secure – even though they are much heavier and more rigid than the .042″ Light Weight mono blades – the .070″ blade is not the best thrusting weapon – Note: Some of the longer APEX blades 34″-38″ may be as heavy or heavier than the 31″ Laminated Heavy Weight Blade.  APEX blades are typically more rigid.  (All experience levels – including novice)

Super Heavy Weight Class – 33″ – Laminated Blade 33″ long x 1.5″ wide x .084″ thick blade – at 18 ounces (1-pound & 2-ounces) – “rigid” class – The .084″ Laminated Heavy Weights continue to be somewhat easy to bend and secure (Although you will notice a little “fight” from the extra spring tension when securing the .084″ blade) – The .084″ Super Heavy Weight Laminated Blades are much heavier than the APEX Mono Blades – Most of the APEX blades are more rigid; however the Super Heavy Weight .084″ is considered a fair thrusting weapon if the tip has been sharpened.  (All experience levels – including novice)

Strengths: The Laminated Heavy Weight RazorSword Blades were originally designed to allow a much thicker, heavier, and even shorter/heavier blade to be comfortable to wear. (They are a heavy weight offensive and defensive weapon)  Laminated heavy-weights are made from the lamination of several thinner blades.  This translates to a flexible, comfortable, yet heavy-weight RazorSword weapon; comfortable for large waist or small waists alike.  (See CQB Heavy-Weight RazorSwords – made especially for very small waists) Laminated blades are very forgiving, and very comfortable to wear; they are more flexible than the APEX Series…easier to bend and secure.  Laminated blades have the added mass to easily crush through concrete blocks with little or no damage to the blade.  Weakness:  There is slightly more maintenance in the laminated blades; as 1-2 times per year – a 10-15 minute re-lamination process is suggested to keep the blades functioning properly.  (Re-lamination is simple – see videos)  Since the blades are more flexible they are not the best thrusting weapon; however the Super Heavy Weight is sufficiently rigid as a fair thrusting weapon – provided that the tip has been sharpened.

RazorSword CQB Laminated-Blades –  Middle to Super Heavy Weights

Designed as a CQB Heavy Weight Weapon – Fits Small Waists in Comfort

The Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Laminated Heavy Weight RazorSword will range in lengths from 26″ to 27″ and three to four laminations ranging in a blade thickness of .072″, .075″, or .100″, with blade weights of Middle-Weight Class, Light Heavy-Weight Class, Heavy-Weight Class, and Super Heavy-Weight Class.   The CQB is a “flexible” class weapon; however there are a number of custom options that can make it “rigid”.  (See the description above in “Strengths & Weakness” – which is part of “Laminated Blades Defined” – this description applies to the RazorSword CQB)  Please go to the PURCHASE section and select CQB for complete blade and system specifications.

Weight Class Definitions

ImportantWeight classes are relative to the type and style of a sword…where and when it was made and for what purpose.  A super heavy-weight RazorSword is much-much lighter and no-where near the weight of a European Claymore or Japanese Katana. The RazorSword was designed for a totally different purpose; it is in a totally different class, and one of the only sword weapon systems that are functional in modern day society and urban warfare.  RazorRazor builds weapon systems to custom fit the environment, person and threat level.

RazorSword Mono Blade - Lightweight 24", 26", 29", 31"

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