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Law Enforcement Baton

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Law Enforcement Baton - RazorBaton 28", 29", 30"

Among the innovative systems from RazorRazor; we are offering the heavyweight RazorBaton in 28”, 29”, 30″, 31” and 33”.  We replaced the front point of the RazorSword with a totally rounded end to create a less than lethal tool; designed for civilian defense, law enforcement, and military in high stress – high threat environments.

Many law-enforcement professionals regard the effectiveness of the collapsible batons as questionable.  Since the structure of a collapsible baton is mostly hollow; impact (Kinetic energy) may be compromised and deficient.  Especially in cold weather, where heavy clothes are worn, the collapsible baton may very well be a danger to law enforcement personnel.

The RazorBaton has a very thin edge (Rounded edge and tip – not sharp) yet has the profile of a jet fighter wing – extremely fast with massive kinetic energy. The RazorBaton is much faster to deploy; facilitating an instant “deployed and strike” in one continuous fluid motion.

The RazorBaton is completely hidden – it is not hanging form your belt and is totally out of the way – the RazorBaton will not interfere with your body movements, or other weapons.

There are countless stories of law enforcement striking a perpetrator (with a collapsible baton) without obtaining compliance.  There are many confirmed cases of the collapsible baton being forcible taken from officers, and used against them after the perpetrator has been struck.  This indicates that an officer may need to strike the perpetrator above the shoulders, and risk liability – however even strikes above the shoulders may not insure the desired effect of compliance.  The collapsible baton projects a false sense of security, and may be a danger to law enforcement.

With the RazorBaton one strike to the arm, or leg and the perpetrator will comply.  The only problem we foresee is the possible “political correctness” in the United States in which violent offenders have more rights than innocent victims.  Law enforcement officers that have deployed our system have told us;” It scares the living-heck out of people – without even a strike”!  US Military in the Middle East tell us; “We get the same reaction from deploying the RazorBaton, as we get from racking a 12-gauge shotgun.  Going from nothing in your hand to instantly to a “yard-stick” of steel, definitely gets a persons attention!  (Just by the way the RazorBaton is deployed; even the smaller 28″ RazorBaton looks like a yard-stick of steel)

The RazorBaton may be used to strike a perpetrator with the thin edge, or the “wide flat side” of the baton.  A strike from the “wide flat side” would be a painful; the non-injury powerful “slap” would get the attention of any non-compliant individual.  Butt-end strikes, or a “tip-thrust-punch” may also be delivered to control a threat.

In summary a RazorBaton may…

  1. Strike with its thin edge of the RazorBaton breaking bone or causing enough damage to muscle tissue; will render an arm or leg stunned and useless for a period of time.
  2. Strike with the flat wide side of the RazorBaton which will be a non-injury yet a powerful very painful slap.
  3. Strike with lethal force with the thin edge of the RazorBaton to the head or neck area of an armed assailant(s).  In the event of a close quarter battle situation, in which your attacker has deployed an edged weapon, gun, or blunt object; the RazorBaton may “in one fluid motion” be deployed to strike your target – eliminating several threats.

Real Life Story

Officer awarded “Tactical Instructor of the Year by the Eastern U.S.A. International Martial Arts Association” (To protect his anonymity; we will refer to this person as Officer Smith)

Officer Smith recounts a real life story with the RazorBaton Weapon System; in which Officer Smith was training veteran law enforcement personnel.  Officer Smith called me after a training session with the following information.

  • A veteran officer is being trained by Smith in a gym type setting with floor mats
  • Smith instructs the veteran officer that he (Smith) will be deploying a weapon of sorts, and would like to see how the veteran officer will counter the threat.
  • Veteran officer assumes that Smith will deploy a practice knife or blunt object
  • Smith instantly deploys a 33-inch RazorBaton (One moment nothing in your hand – the next split second a yard stick of silver steel)
  • Smith reports that the veteran officer “freaks out”; runs off the mats into the bleachers
  • Smith calls Curtis Koehler to state; “No need to actually strike anyone with the RazorBaton…just deploying it scares hell out of people!

Note: This was only a training exercise with a well-trained veteran officer with many years of law enforcement experience.  The veteran officer knew very well that there was no real danger; yet the mere sight and deployment of a yard stick of silver steel created an avoidance reaction.  We believe that pulling a 26-inch to 33-inch long silver steel RazorBaton from “out of thin air” will produce such a “mind-bend” or “shock & awe” experience; that the perpetrator will immediately cease all hostilities from the “mental trauma” alone.  The alternatives for the perp will be perceived as futile!

DEA – Eastern District of the United States

Speaking on condition of anonymity, because they were not authorized to give an official statement; a senior supervisor in drug enforcement told RazorRazor that the collapsible baton is especially ineffective in cold weather.  If you are striking a perpetrator in the Green Target Area (or even other areas), in cold weather, with heavy clothing; there is insufficient kinetic energy to subdue a committed assailant.  This is especially true if the perpetrator is mentally ill or on drugs…which many are.  It is unlikely that you will gain compliance from the perp; which begs the question…”Is the officers life now in danger?”

You will never have that problem with the RazorBaton; the thin edge will render any muscle group total useless upon a strike.  In the event you need to strike an extremely committed, crazy, drugged, or armed perp; the ability to break bones is consistent with the power of the RazorBaton.  With some training multiple assailants may be engaged simultaneously.

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