Tactical RazorDagger Concealed

The RazorDagger Tactical is 1.25” wide, and is manufactured in 7”, 8”, and 9” lengths – it is designed for 1.5” or wider belts. The RD Tactical has a wider and stronger blade as compared to the Executive version. The RazorDagger was designed at the request of elite drug enforcement. This dagger is available in three very different sheath options. (See Videos)

1. Safety Sheath (SS) option; the easy to use Safety Sheath will deploy one single RazorDagger,

2. Safety Sheath (SS) Double-Stack option; this easy to use sheath option will allow you to carry and deploy two RazorDaggers in a “Double Stacked” configuration into one hand only.

3. Staggered Auto Separation Sheath (SASS); this sheath option will allow you to carry, “auto-separate”, and simultaneously deploy two RazorDaggers. One RD is deployed into your left hand; the second RD is deployed into your right hand. (Advanced Level Only)