Executive RazorDagger Concealed - For Ultra Narrow/Thin Belts - For the "Suit & Tie Guys"

The RazorDagger Executive is 1″ wide, and is manufactured in 6″, 7″, and 8″ lengths – designed to fit very narrow belts for “the suit and tie guys”. The RD-Executive has a very narrow (less muscular) blade as compared to the Tactical version. (Tactical version will fit under a 1.25″ belt – See RazorDagger Tactical) The RazorDagger Executive was designed as a narrow “Special Purpose Weapon”. The RazorDagger Executive is sold as one blade in a specially designed Safety Sheath (SS); easy to use…weapon system deploys one RazorDagger Executive.

The RazorDagger Executive has other variants…”that are capable of deploying multiple weapons at the same time”; please call for more information 414-333-3300