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OPTIONS; We divided the BeltSword / RazorSword Blades into three categories (#1. RazorSword Mono Blades – Feather Weight to Light Weight (#2. RazorSword Laminated Blades – Heavy Weight (#3. RazorSword – Apex Predator Series Mono Blades – Middle Weight to Heavy Weight

#1. Feather Weight to Light Weight Class RazorSword Mono-blades – Feather Weights at 24”, 26” & 29” …and the… Light Weight Class RazorSword at 31” (The 31” Light Weight blade is thicker and heavier than Feather Weights) Blades are thin, light & flexible and very fast; easiest blade to hide & conceal. NOVICE to EXPERT SKILL LEVEL

#2. Heavy Weight Class RazorSword Laminated Blades – Lengths: — 29″ Medium Heavy Weight Class — 31″ Heavy-Weight Class — 33″ Super Heavy Weight Class – Laminated blades allow this heavier and more rigid RazorSword the flexibility to be very comfortable to wear and easy to use. NOVICE to Expert SKILL LEVEL

#3. Middle Weight APEX RazorSword Mono Blades 30”-36” – The Apex Predator Series RazorSword is an Ultra-High Performance Mono-Blade – rigid enough for thrusting & cutting. APEX Blades becomes increasingly more rigid under 32″ – At shorter lengths a minimum INTERMEDIATE SKILL LEVEL is recommended below 32”. NOVICE to EXPERT SKILL LEVEL.

UPON REQUEST – Expert Level – APEX Predator (Very Rigid) – APEX Light Heavy Weights 32″-37″, or APEX Heavy Weights 33″-40″ – E-Mail: CEO@RazorRazor.com or Call: 414-333-3300