BeltMachete Survival System - We Ship Internationally

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Military & Elite Law Enforcement Evaluations:  The proprietary BeltMachete / RazorMachete is not only one of the most efficient cutting systems for light to medium duty; but it can boast…as a High Performance Mono-Blade with fatiqueless design. 

The engineering team at RazorRazor company conducted years of research into the design of our RazorMachetes.  Feedback from US Special Operations personnel, and US Counter Terror Training Teams (During jungle operations); revealed their preference for an efficient lightweight cutting tool.  The request; a blade that is long, thin, light and fast…fatiqueless efficient cutting. 

However prior to the patented BeltMachete System and the RazorMachete’s “Body Contour Design”; it was near impossible for operators to carry a long razor sharp machete in a safe and secure manner; that was then…this is now!  Today we have the RazorMachete; a highly tested “Body Contour System” that encircles the waist…safe, secure, and in total comfort.

Additional information about the BeltMachete Survival System coming soon!

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