BeltMachete - Body Contour Survival System

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The RazorRazor Company has received years of feedback and evaluation from US Military, Elite Law Enforcement, and even Martial Arts Experts:  As a direct result; the patented BeltMachete System / RazorMachete is not only one of the most efficient cutting systems for light to medium duty; but R&D has yielded a Lightweight High Performance Mono-Blade…designed for fatiqueless cutting over many hours of continuous use in hostile environments.

US Special Operations, and Counter Terror Training Teams (Jungle operations); revealed a preference for an efficient lightweight cutting tool. A blade that is “long, thin, light & fast…fatiqueless efficiency, with effortless cutting…doubling as a formidable weapon.

Prior to the patented BeltMachete’s “Body Contour Design”; it was near impossible for operators to carry a long razor sharp machete that is SAFE & SECURE with INSTANTLY ACCESSIBILITY; that was then…this is now!  The RazorMachete; a thoroughly tested “Body Contour Survival System” that encircles the waist…safe, secure, and in total comfort.

The 2.0″ and 2.5″ BeltMachete Survival System will be added to our site soon!