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Apex Predator Series – (APEX) – Ultra High Performance Blades – BeltSword Weapon Systems
Variants: APEX RazorSword // APEX RazorMachete // APEX RazorBaton // APEX RazorCustom
APEX – Weight Classes: (1) Middle Weight, (2) Light Heavy Weight, (3) Middle Heavy Weight

Apex Predator Series is an entirely new breed of weapon. APEX is an innovation into Ultra High Performance Mono-Blade Design and Application. APEX bridges the gap between our Light Weight Class Mono Blades and our Heavy Weight Class Laminated Blades. They are available as a RazorSword, RazorMachete, RazorBaton, and RazorCustom Point.

APEX – Design & Innovations
1. Thrusting – Increased rigidness has dramatically increased thrusting capabilities.
2. Cutting – Heavy thin blade technology has dramatically increased cutting capabilities.
3. Speed and Balance – APEX design/application; a balanced, high-speed weapon system.
4. Durability – Heat treating/tempering so precise – the APEX blade is nearly indestructible.
5. Serpentine Curve vs. Katana Curve – The ability of the APEX to go through a physical transformation…a mechanical metamorphosis…in the field…in mere seconds.
6. APEX Performance – on par with finest historical or modern battle ready swords in its class.

Additional information about the Apex Predator Series coming soon

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