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Product Warranty

We offer a 100% replacement lifetime guarantee on all RazorRazor products, and a 30-day return policy for non-damaged goods.  Lifetime warranty includes the BeltSword Containment Clips, the RazorSword, RazorBaton, RazorDagger, or Double RazorDagger; that results in structural or material failure.

Guarantee Does Not Apply to…

  • Normal wear and tear on; metal painted or coated parts, leather belts, nylon cord handles, dagger Velcro handles & sheaths.
  • A bent tip due to thrusting into a hard target, or striking a hard target with a tip – guarantees especially DO NOT apply to the tips of any laminated blade.
  • Product damaged due to gross negligence, or when used for a purpose not intended.
  • We do not warranty any product used as a crow-bar, hammer, saw, or repeatedly striking hard targets like concrete, steel, or tree trunks.
  • We do not guarantee that a RazorMachete or any other blade will not develop slight bends/torques from striking tree branches larger than 1/2-inch.  (Most bends or blade torques may be “healed” by a simple re-bending of the affected area – high quality spring steel has an amazing healing ability)

Although our videos showcase the crushing of concrete blocks with our RazorSword with little or no damage; every weapon will eventual fail if constantly misused – at a minimum you risk damage and torquing of the blade should you decide to repeat our concrete crushing tests.

Please e-mail us first with an explanation of your problem; that RazorRazor may attempt to resolve the issue.  All return shipping is the responsibility of each customer.

Once your replacement warranty has been approved you will need to ship the product back to the RazorRazor Company for inspection; please use a shipping method that is tracked, and ship to:

 RazorRazor  – Warranty  //  4729 North 70th Street  //  Milwaukee, WI  53218

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