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Counter Terrorism


Article By Aaron Cunningham – Counter-Terrorism Expert –

 “The Art of Success” – Appear to be a cryptogram while operating in a directed way to penetrate enemy vulnerability and weaknesses.”  John Boyd “Patterns of Conflict”

Covert Tools for Force Protection – This article seeks to display the contemporary innovations of Curtis W. Koehler (RazorRazor Company); whose tools are in the tradition of covert weapons. He began his quest to improve survivability with edged weapons and concealment systems in 1998. This journey has led him to study metallurgy and to experiment endlessly, in a long period of trial and error, which led to a range of rapidly deployable and highly concealed knives and swords from behind the worn belt.

He has received considerable attention and inside acclaim from within elite US Law Enforcement units and the military SOF community. These unique tools are filling an important niche and are carried by career practitioners here in the US and in hostile environments overseas.

The daggers and sheathing systems created and advanced by Koehler originally came at the calling of an elite narcotics unit conducting regular undercover operations. The current product was developed with specific input and guidance from that Narcotics Bureau. His concealed belt sword system has spent time in Afghanistan where it has been worn operationally by SOF members up to 18 hours a day. He has received kudos for his efforts from now retired US FBI Special Agent Robert Taubert who was instrumental in the development of HRT and acted as agency liaison for many US Special Operations units.

The knife systems advanced by Curtis meets the zero compromise criteria imposed by covert operations and meets professional standards for time critical deployment under emergency conditions. This system will reliably enable sub-second deployment of a knife under stress.

Aaron Cunningham is the acting President of the International Tactical Training Association and a lifetime practitioner and noted instructor of edged weapon tactics and training. ITTA conducts international training – counter terrorism measures.  Mr. Curtis W. Koehler may be contacted at – (414) 303-3000 Web Site:

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